Cathy Johnson, otherwise known as Kate (katequicksilvr) wrote,
Cathy Johnson, otherwise known as Kate

The Quicksilver Workaholic has been hard at it...

And AGAIN it's been a while...

I finished the big month-long class I did for Strathmore Artist Papers, at the end of March...figured I'd take a break, she said, laughing hysterically...

I've been quite busy working on the next mini-class, Quick Sketching in Color, and hope to have it done by the end of May...

Delighted the other mini-classes have been doing so well!  We got 17 new students in the past two weeks, and lots of good feedback...thank you SO MUCH, all. 

The videos went over so well in the Strathmore class, I'm definitely planning more...I'm no Spielburg, but people seem to feel encouraged by my more laid-back, casual approach.  I figure if I don't have fun with them, you won't either!

I've been working on our new Urban Sketchers Midwest blog, and love the response we've gotten.  I love it here and I would like others to see what a beautiful area it is...if you're an artist from the Midwest, please join us on our Facebook group or join us on Flickr!  We're always looking for new members for the blog.

Artist's Journal Workshop is busy too, with wonderful artists adding their art, reviews, materials, journal pages...if you haven't visited, please do!  I've done a couple of new catalog pages there and on my gallery blog, one for a bookshelf of recommended books that pertain to art and sketching, and one for tools and materials we like!

Or feel free to join our wonderful Facebook group, it's VERY active.

I actually got an art tip done not too long ago, too, but I forgot to announce it here.  You can find it here:

An old friend has been here for a couple of weeks, getting ready to paint the trim on the house...he's a pro, so he's REALLY doing it right...I don't know if that's been done since the last time HE did it, 15 years ago or more!  It's going to look great.

Between that, computer work, and our sewer backing up, we've had lots of folks around.

I've been updating my eBay offerings and my Etsy store with original art, fine art prints, and handmade jewelry.

And now we're finally back to working on the house we've been rehabbing for years now!

Check out kateslover's journal for some of the pictures from last month!  He's been doing a lot of bits and pieces since then...painting doors, rehabbing hinges and hardware, fixing locks, painting more trim. And today I joined him to start pulling the hundreds of staples in the south parlor's floor--there was some truly nasty carpet in there!  NO idea how many staples I got up today, but I got good and grotty crawling around on the floor.

So I decided I might as well go ahead and deal with the big new planters I got this morning, and all that compost, mulch, and potting soil, in preparation for a few veggies and flowers over where we actually get some sun.  More on that later...right now I'm mud-covered and tired, so off to the shower!
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