Cathy Johnson, otherwise known as Kate (katequicksilvr) wrote,
Cathy Johnson, otherwise known as Kate

Holy cats, I haven't posted since the winter solstice?!?

I've been really, really busy--could you guess?--with a new online class for Strathmore, which has grown to over 2700 people!  I wrote  4 lessons and did 8 videos for the class, and I audit it, now...

Yard work, cooking, sketching, and getting back to eBay sales (trying to simplify life again, ha, and clear out the studio a bit--lots of art supplies flying out the door!, the Artist's Journal Workshop blog--which grew out of my book of the same name, a related Flickr and Facebook group, Urban Sketchers and our new Urban Sketchers Midwest blog plus all the rest...well.  That explains it.

Please visit us at any and all!

HI ALL!  Waving madly, on St. Patrick's Day!
Tags: artist's journal workshop, ebay, long time no see, urban sketchers midwest

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