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September 2013



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Looking for the perfect gift? Give a little, get a sketch on Urban Sketchers!

I'm part of the "URBAN SKETCHERS 2011 HOLIDAY CAMPAIGN: GIVE A LITTLE, GET A SKETCH" over on the Urban Sketchers blog.  It's a great deal...a group of us donated images for either downloaded images you print out on your own system, or prints you get direct from the artist, depending on the amount of your donation.  It's a GREAT deal...they're hi-res images, and the one I chose printed beautifully, immediately, no waiting on shipping even!

The money raised will help us to put on the international symposium this next year and cover the scholarship program--and encourage people to see and share their OWN part of the world, "one drawing at a time."

Take a peek at the Flickr sets of offerings...here's my montage from San Juan Capistrano, in California--I sketched it on our honeymoon, actually!  It's in this set (and so is the one I bought, by the way...lots of tough-but-gorgeous choices!)  http://www.flickr.com/photos/urbansketchers/sets/72157627890406827/

If you make a donation of $75 or more, you can choose a print from this set, sent to you directly from the artist!

More on how to donate in this post on the Urban Sketchers blog.

The Citizen Sketcher, Marc Taro Holmes, is taking care of coordinating the donors and prints, and deserves a HUGE thank you, as do all the artists who donated their work!  Check out Marc's prints here, by the way!


what wonderful sketches! what sort of pen did you use for yours?
Hi Mei! Mine is a 01 Micron Pigma in sepia, I think. There are some fantastic sketches in those sets, aren't there!