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September 2013



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Tweaked the announcement newsletter on mini-classes...

So this is how it reads now...if you see anything that needs clarification, please let me know! (It's easy to imagine you're making sense when you're not!)



You'll be able to take these at your convenience, when YOU have the time or the available cash, no waiting for me to have time or energy to
schedule a regular, interactive class. When I get more classes up, hopefully frequently during 2011 and 2012, you'll be able to choose exactly the one you want, when you
want it.

I took several polls to determine what classes people most wanted to take, and as a result Quick Sketching Techniques 1 was up first--it's been wildly popular!  (Please feel free to read some of the feedback, here http://www.cathyjohnson.info/feedback.html

You can also choose Quick Sketching 2, with more advanced techniques, and Watercolor Pencil,  at this time. 

Watch for Sketching in Nature, Ink and Watercolor, and Quick Sketching in Color, and more...you'll get an email like this one whenever a new class is added.
We may also let you know about possible glitches, changes, additions, or ask you questions about what YOU'D like to see!

You can get more information or sign up for classes
HERE: http://www.cathyjohnson.info/online.html  
In the plans for 2012 and beyond (but not yet available) are:
  • Drawing People
  • Journal Keeping
  • Watercolor Textures
  • Plein Air Painting
  • Watercolor Basics
  • Drawing Birds
  • Painting Flowers
  • Creativity Prompts (This will not be a lesson, per se, but quick little idea
    starters or inspirations sent every other day.  We're up to over 80 ideas
We'll let you know whenever one of these becomes available, that's what this list is for!

Here's how all the classes will work:
Each class starts with an FAQ, telling you again how the classes work, and additional information.  Feel free to print it out and save it!
Once a week for four weeks, you will receive a fully-illustrated lesson chock full of information, inspirations, tips, demos, exercises,
assignments and videos.

Some of the videos are brand new and will be available only to paid class members, some links will go to my older, public YouTube videos that illustrate a point in the lesson. You'll get a post like this with a direct link to the PDF lesson for that week. (You'll need Adobe Reader to access the PDF; it's a free program available here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/
You'll get a password to access the PDF in the post, as well; it's for your use only, please don't share.
Links to short video demonstrations will be included in almost every lesson.  (Creativity prompts are different, since they are just quick idea
starters, inspirations and challenges.)
There are BONUS PAGES of relevant links, books, and other resources with almost every lesson.

Mini-classes are $30 for the four-week sessions; creativity prompts will be different; a PayPal button will be available on my website for each class. You'll find it HERE.
There is no other cost, except for any materials or supplies you choose to purchase. (Regular interactive classes run about $100, give or
take.) I hope you'll join us!  And again, thank you for your interest...


Cathy Johnson


The lessons will not open in Chrome; it's a glitch on their end.  Please try a different browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

NOTE # 2: 

At this time there is a delivery problem with Yahoo, Earthlink, and Roadrunner email addresses.  If you have one of these, please let us know an alternate address to make sure you receive the lessons!