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September 2013



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Siiiigh...computer glitches!!!

...making me crazy!  I uploaded a batch of stuff to Flickr, it said my upload was complete, and when I went to Flickr there was nothing new there.  I've had to do it all over again, and can't find one or the original images easily, now.  (Have I mentioned how much I hate having to redo something I've already done??  All those tags, putting them in this or that set, writing about them, then POOF??)

And I can't get to DanielSmith.com because my computer has decided, suddenly, that it's got a dangerous cookie, from something on my alumni list, according to the error message??  HUH?  I'm not IN that list...I've tried it all sorts of ways, but no go.  Just deleted cookies, we'll see how that works...

And the company that handles my "automatic" delivery of classes is having trouble with Roadrunner, earthlink, and Yahoo addresses!  I'm having to deal with it manually...where's that automatic I'm paying for??

(SO if you want to take one of my mini-classes, please use another address, if you have access to one...)

Ah, and then LJ didn't recognize me.  It thought I was signed out, then didn't like my password.  When I clicked it again, same thing, mind you, it worked fine.

Ah well, dealing with 'em, one by one...that sound you hear is my wheels spinning...)




There are times where nothing seems to work. Sometimes I just have to walk away. I just hate having to do some long detailed process all over again, too. Doesn't it feel like there are computer poltergeists some days?! If we didn't get soooo much from out computers it wouldn't be worth all the frustration. But it is. ;)

May your computer work smoothly without glitches and with the speed of a gazelle.

Re: glitches

THANK YOU. It did get better, but for some reason I'm having to sign into everything again today...siiiigh...


My computer won't work on DanielSmith.com either. I called them a few weeks ago and was told their software isn't yet compatible with Internet Explorer 9 and that they would be working on it, but so far it hasn't changed. I can't scroll their individual watercolor paint tubes...it just goes dead. Very annoying. Wish they'd get something done..others must be having problems also.
Isn't that bizarre! We may have to go back to (gasp!) telephone orders!


Computer buggies!

Oh, Poor, poor Kate! Nothing like doing a lot of work and having to do it again!
Is it Computer Elves? Hmmmm! Nasty Elves!
Hope all clears up!

Re: Computer buggies!

It's wasting time I hate, Elsie! Of course the fact that I try to do too much doesn't help! :-D