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September 2013



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Well! There WAS a silver lining--CDs are up and ready to go!

But NOT at CafePress!  For years, Joseph's been telling me we could do this in-house, and have complete quality control.  No more blank CDs going out, or arriving HERE for our own inventory stock.  He'd had to check each and every one to make sure they weren't just a pretty face.

I resisted, because I'm not great with change, as long as something is working...or sort of working.

CafePress took that option away when they decided not to offer CDs any more, and we were scrambling like crazy.  Joseph jumped in, did some prototypes, it WORKED, and off we go!

The two new CDs are now up on my website catalog,  HERE, and we know they'll be right because we made them.  When we run out of inventory, we'll make the other ones right here, too.

We're having a giveaway on my gallery blog and on the Artist's Journal Workshop blog...if you'd like one of the prototypes for the new CDs, please throw your hat in the ring!  (We've made a few changes to the cover art or organization of files and fixed a couple of typos since then, but the info is all there!)

And as soon as we can, we'll offer downloadable versions too, for those of you who'd rather not pay shipping charges to South Africa or Australia, say...

It's been a wild ride!


Joseph reminds me that the trees one isn't technically a prototype since there was nothing to fix on it! We were just testing to see if it would work, and it did! (Now watch one of you find a typo or two...)


I love the idea of downloadable cds - it saves shipping and makes them instantly available.


Re: Downloadable

We're working on that, Cheryl! Thanks...


Good afternoon how are you both doing? hope all is well. Can not wait till I can get this tree cd hoping theres folidge help on there still pluging along with the tree folidge thing. Hope everyone is fine and well. Have a wonderful day,
Hope it helps, Linda! Sorry it took me a while to answer, didn't see this!
Cool stuff. Hey, I was trying Google+ Hangout, and immediately thought of your workshops/classes. :)
I haven't done Google + yet, Shuju! After my hassles with Wave, I wanna hoe they get the bugs out. How is it working for you?