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September 2013



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Cafe Press is dropping CDs on July 30...

...and since they have been my BIG seller there, I'll be looking for a new home for the on-demand printing function that Cafe Press offered..

(If you know of a dependable option, I'd be delighted to hear about it!)

I discovered this when I was working on the two new slideshow CDs...I finally got everything working together and was able to finish a couple of projects that had been hanging around for a couple of years.  As in this afternoon. 

I went to Cafe Press to upload the new information--I'd already sent them the art last week--and to get the information sheet you mail with the master CDs.

They hadn't bothered to let any of the shop owners know about this change until I got an email, tonight, after calling them today to ask what was up with their uploading function!

SO.  My CDs will still be available on my website...and they'll still be in my CafePress store until July 30th.

This has been one of my most popular new offerings...

And after that time, I believe I'll be closing the store entirely, so if there are any t-shirts, mugs, artist's t-shirts, clocks, greeting cards, post cards, messenger bags, aprons, or whatever that you'd been wanting, now's the time. 

Eventually I will have an Etsy shop or a Volusion, or Zazzle, but for now I'm not up for continuing to pay Cafe Press a premium shop fee and their cut on goodies without having my bestselling CDs available.

The address is here: http://www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson and again, after that time, the CDs will be available on my website, but the cards, t-shirts, aprons and such will not.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have bought CDs there over the past years--it's been a real ride, and you have been MUCH appreciated! 

And watch this space for news of where we end up.



Unbelievably poor business practices. Aren't you amazed some places are still operating with the way they treat their vendors and customers? I hope you find a new place soon!
Always, Rita
I AM amazed, Rita! Not so much that they would phase out a product, that happens, but that it was already unavailable to edit and they planned to remove the CDs without letting any of us know. No feedback, no discussion. When I went to my store-editing screen, only "remove" was available on my CDs, which is what alerted me that something was wrong!

So yes, I'm pretty much done with them!
Not sure what Create Space and CD Baby offer, but they're starting points.
I've looked at Create Space a little (they do CDs), but they're an Amazon company, and they normally take a pretty big bite! I haven't explored it that far yet...

At this point, J's wanting to print them here, and did some yesterday that look great...more work, but more control!

what about offering as a download

It is an alternative - I would prefer download to CD personally.

Re: what about offering as a download

Yep, we're working on that, Julie! Need to find how...and where...and have been REALLY busy this past month! Thanks for the confirmation...