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September 2013



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Cumulative craziness...

There have been lots of good comments on my last post, both here on Live Journal and on Facebook (and privately!)  Thank you, all.  I knew I wasn't alone in taking on too much.

The above is the banner I designed for my gallery blog...sometimes I think I just enjoy the excitement of start-up,
and everything that goes with it!  Planning, design, etc.

Anyway, as I said, all this IS cumulative, over the past 12 years of dealing with the changes in publishing, and the changes in my personal life. 

The death of my first husband changed a lot, for me--not just missing him and all that he did, but being "all on me onesies," as they said in Pirates of the Caribbean!  No regular job, no insurance, no retirement, and with his passing, so did his Social Security check.  I had some small savings (which I STILL haven't touched since 1997!), and my own talent and chutzpah. 

And my willingness to try new things, to ride the wave.

The Internet offers plenty of those "new things," and I've seen a lot change in 14 years.  eBay was the THING, once upon a time...now, there are so many sellers!  Of course, there was also lots of advice on how to create those multiple streams of income.  Time and necessity encouraged me to try a lot of them! 

But you know, as in almost everything else, some things fit, some things didn't.  Some worked, some didn't.  Some I loved, some...not so much...

And it's far easier to start something than it is to keep it up--or to drop it, as I told someone in a comment!

I know I am not alone in grabbing this particular tiger by the tail...or multiple tigers, as it happens!  Freelancers have to think on their feet and try new things.  Some of these somewhat mangy old tigers I can bid adieu with no qualms, but some offer satisfaction of another sort, or...a feeling of obligation I ALSO have to sort out.  It'll take a while, but it feels good heading in that direction.  The journal helps!

And hey, maybe it's one of those "if mama ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy" kinds of things!