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September 2013



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New orders, new books, new students...

...and not really sure why, all of a sudden, but we've had a real run, here!  If you're recommending my books or classes, thank you very much!

This is the book that's suddenly getting a lot of orders--you can click on the image to look inside.  It's a beautiful book and I loved doing it--thanks to my editor and designer!

Creating Nature in Watercolor is out of print, and available only as secondhand...or, from me, brand new, because I bought a couple of boxes of them when North Light decided to let it go out of print! Sometimes people like to have their books signed, and I'm happy to do that...I'm graphicart on Amazon. (Mine aren't the least expensive, sorry to say...I had to pay more for them than some people are charging!)  You can find it on my website, too, if you're interested...along with the rest of my books!

You can also find it in my bookstore...

...and yes, I do get a wee commission if people buy there...6%, I think, so I thank you and my hungry kitties thank you!

And, for some reason, we've gotten 9 new students in less than a week for the mini-classes. This is wonderful, since I haven't had the time or the energy for the interactive classes for a while. 

(For those who have asked, thank you for your patience!  Life's been nuts and I don't have a schedule set yet...I need to get 2-3 more mini-classes up, and the new CD on trees that I've been working on...)

Maybe it's the new feedback page my wonderful webmistress Sonya got up for me last week...thank you, Sonya, and thank you all those who have shared your kind words!  I'm delighted the classes have been helpful!

This one just came in, I need to edit it and ask Sonya to post it, too...I'm glowing!

"The Quick Sketching 1 class was just the "kick in the pants...whap on the side of the head I needed to get me back into sketching more.  Way too much studio painting and too little time with my sketch books and doing "in the trenches" drawing/painting. You have a wonderful way of inspiring and of presenting crystal clear teaching! When I retired from 43 years of elementary teaching 6 years ago, I promised myself to have lots of painting / drawing time. My mother was an oil paint/watercolor artist, so I grew up with a paint brush and a pencil in my hand! After art classes in my teens and then a couple in college, I had only time for a few drawings over the years with teaching and motherhood etc. But, now I know, I should have done much more....poor excuse all those years.

But, 6 years ago, when I started my adventure, you Watercolor book was the first one I bought. While others have joined my shelves of art books, I returned to yours this spring as I really needed to stop, take stock of my skills, and refresh. I took the three classes from Strathmore on journaling and that was good. But, am getting a wonderful experience with your books, your marvelous CD's and the QS course. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Now if I could just find some of those 36-hour days next time they're on sale at Dick Blick, I could almost get everything done...