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September 2013



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Hi all...

 just wanted to thank you for your patience and let you know what we've been up to.  This is the update I just sent out to people waiting on my mini-classes, but I know there are others interested as well...

Some of you know that my husband underwent surgery in April, and I got the world's longest-lasting chest cold, so not a great deal of work got done around here beyond the absolute basics.  (I also had a big article to do for Watercolor Artist magazine and an interview I'd promised to give, in addition to our regular orders, so I haven't been a COMPLETE slug!)

He's doing well, and I'm much better, so back to work on new mini-classes and more.*

Hoping to have the Watercolor Pencil Mini up in the next month--watch for it!  I'll send an email like this one when it's done, or sign up for my art tip newsletter mailing list, at http://cathyjohnson.info.  (For a while there I was so hoarse I couldn't have made a video you could have understood!  I have a voice again now, so full speed ahead. )

After that, It may be the watercolor and ink mini so many of you have asked about.  (In the meantime, some people are using my CD, Ink & Wash Workshop, a slide-show type workshop that's been very popular.  (It also offers PDFs full of information and suggestions, as well as inspiration from a number of wonderful artists who enjoy the mixture of mediums.


You can find out more about it in my CafePress store, here: http://www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson.61122728

I'm hoping to have a new "Elements of Landscape--Trees" CD available before too long, too, also in the popular slide show format.  It was almost done when I got my new computer last year, and the new machine didn't like my Windows MovieMaker projects...so I stalled out for a while.

Anyway, that's where we are right now...I'd best get back to work so I DO have something to offer you patient people!








Oh Kate finally your trees I have been waiting for something to show how you do these they are so wonderful. Im so excited and cant wait for this one. Since Im on ssi budget I can not do classes all that much but these videos are wonderful.Still waiting for a live video on your watercolor painting style your work means alot to me. yourself, Danny, and a few others gave me the wanting to teach myself art and be on this art path at this late time in my life and its gotten me through so much health issues parents passing and dealing with growing older in ones life thank you so.
Hope all is well with you and Joesph
Have a great day,

Re: Trees

I was hoping for the chance to work on it today, but we had a huge storm and I had to shut down...maybe tomorrow! Thanks for the kind words, Linda!