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September 2013



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Very, very grateful...

It's been an eventful month, and much more stressful than we like, but things are finally starting to sort out a bit.  So...a long catchup post!

We had an exhausting and stressful trip to California for Joseph's dad's birthday. The high point, for me--as always--was the eternal ocean.  kateslover always makes sure I have some quiet downtime, bless the man!

Not enough rest, short nights and long days, too many demands, too much criticism, too many people probably resulted in my getting good and sick the last day.  Joseph said that morning, "I'm afraid you're too sick to travel!"

BET ME.  I would have CRAWLED home.  

For once I didn't get much sketching done on that leg of the trip--I mostly slept in the airport and on the plane.  Slept, and coughed.  I felt bad for my fellow passengers, but I HAD TO GET HOME.

We'd planned the trip for the week before Joseph's surgery, and it was a mistake.  It was just too much.  He got sick too, though he insists it wasn't the same thing...we spent most of the week before surgery sleeping, resting, coughing, and very much afraid they wouldn't be able to DO the surgery if he were sick!

He didn't have a fever, though, so on we went...


His surgery went well, thank God and Dr. Herrick, ...I sketched for 6 hours in the waiting room!  You can see that one here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cathy-johnson/5616727520/in/photostream 

As always, sketching helped keep me calm...and we were able to go home the next day.  Of course, he wasn't allowed to drive for 10 days, and can't pick up anything over 10 lbs. for a month--and recovery is always rough.  I had a few small jobs I had to do, but mostly I took over the things he usually does, and RESTED.  (And coughed.)

The support and caring of friends and family has been wonderful.  Our thanks for all your prayers and good wishes!  Please don't stop, we're not done!. :-D

I am very, very grateful for the new shed/studio...it was a quiet, peaceful place for both of us, away from the cats who didn't understand why they couldn't sit on him or jump or be picked up--Merlin is WELL over that 10 lb. limit, and he's the one who wants a hug and a pick up in the morning.  The shed's been a real sanctuary.

The new/old chair we got for him a few months ago is much more comfortable than the couch, and he was able to rest and mend (when I didn't wake him coughing!)  The best $40 we've spent in a LONG time!

Watching spring unfold beyond the French doors was healing, as well...we added several new bird feeders and find a great deal to observe in this small natural environment. 

I'm VERY grateful I got two of my mini-classes done before all this!  I haven't been able to work much (though I'm now well into a big article for Watercolor Artist on watercolor journaling!)  We filled orders and mailed things out, but my cold hung on and on, and my brain was on strike. 

I'd hoped to get another class up and going this month, but there was no way.  So, thanks to my wonderful students, I'm still earning a living from the classes, and hoping to get back up to speed before too long, with more to offer!

We have much to be grateful for, including my sweet husband's recovery; there's still a ways to go, but God willing we'll GET there!


joseph looks well! and WELCOME HOME. it sounds like you really earned it! i hope you can both relax and recharge.
Thank you, Mei! I think this all has been useful in re-prioritizing my life and work. I've been a workaholic way too long, and I'm getting a much better picture of what's important!
glad you are both recouping! (middle daughter had the clod/cough thing, too--they initially diagnosed her with pertussis, but cultures proved it wrong. that didn't help the cough, any, though)

kate, even your back is smiling while you're standing in that ocean! joseph--you look pretty hale an hearty on the recovery scale. i'm glad you weathered the storm, and are doing well.

think of you two often, and wish i had more time. i cut out one shift every two weeks at the hospital--and now i'm busier than ever. i give up. if i ever retire, i'm afraid i'll be inundated. i hope your spring hasn't been as delayed as ours has been (snow, again, this a.m. it didn't stick, but still...)

rest and keep healing, both of you! and keep in touch, too. hugs to you both--mjd
This one has REALLY hung on, Miss Abbie! I feel much better now, but still coughing some. Bleh!

Actually, I cheated, that picture was taken a few months ago...I wanted to show his comfy chair. But yes, he is looking better, thank God!

Having been self employed for 30 years, I can TELL you I'm really taking a hard look at constant busy-ness. I think it's time to slow down a bit, smell those roses (and jonquils, and lilacs, and...) Do remember to rest and do the things you want, sweetie...

Our spring WAS slow, but not quite that much. No snow for a few weeks...


Dear Kate, so pleased that you are home.....

and you are both recovering from a stressful time. I can see that your little haven in the garden is just what is needed to speed you back to full health!
My thoughts and best wishes are with you.

Margaret (marancat)

Re: Dear Kate, so pleased that you are home.....

Thank you, Margaret! I never thought when we built it that it would be SUCH a haven, so healing!

We do appreciate your thoughts...



All is going much better, Kate .. happy about the surgery and glad both of you are recovering .. it's been a helacious spring to be sure ... Thinking of you and Joseph ...

Lin Frye


Thank you so much, Miss Lin...yet, it's been a bit on the stressful side!


Getting Well

Kate and Joseph,Sending you get well soon and will carry you in my daily prayers lightly.
Hope all is well and the chair sure does look comfy cozy,
Have a great day,

Re: Getting Well

Linda, thank you so much...and yes, that ugly chair was a WONDERFUL investment! He's done lots of napping and healing in it!


Good afternoon, Just checking in to ask how you and your Joseph are getting along with your healing. Hope everything is well and sending prayers.
Have a wonderful day,
Thank you, Linda, we're getting there!