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September 2013



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My second mini-class is done, FINALLY



Finally got this one finished and ready to go--fewer glitches than last time, and that was a huge plus!  A few oddities toward the end, but hey, the Internet has to keep us on our toes, right??

So here's the letter I just send to the subscribers of my mini-class update list--you can find the signup form here, if you're interested!

Quick Sketching 2 is now available on my website, here: 




It builds on Quick Sketching1, offering some more advanced techniques, but can also stand on its own. 

And of course Quick sketching 1 is still available, and will be.  That's the cool thing about these mini-classes, they're there when YOU want them, any time it's convenient.


Take a peek!  It covers:

  • creating volume and mass with halftones or grays

  • sketching people

  • self portraits

  • landscapes

  • buildings

And still offering quick, easy approaches, lots of demos, examples, exercises and videos, as always.

You'll also find a bonus page in each lesson of links to books, websites, articles and more!

Look here for a complete syllabus and more information, plus a place to sign up:  http://www.cathyjohnson.info/quicksketch2.html



And by the way--


Thank you for all your input on which classes to offer next!  As you know if you've been a member of this list for long, I was partly through with Quick Sketching 2 when I asked, so now I know the watercolor pencil mini will be up next--by far, most of you asked for it, and I listen!  I'll be working on it again soon.



If you haven't seen it, Watercolor Artist has a big new article I wrote on watercolor pencils, in their April issue, featuring the work of Australian artist Alissa Duke.  Check it out!





I also have a CD on the subject, based on my out of print book, Watercolor Pencil Magic.  I added back in a whole lesson that had to be cut from the book--you can find it HERE, if you don't want to wait for the mini-class, which will take about a month, give or take!. 


They'll be different, in any case...I have a lot of brand new demos to offer!




And finally--

If you'd like to receive my free art tips newsletter, you can sign up on my website, here: http://www.cathyjohnson.info/


Thanks for your interest!  And as always, feedback is welcome...







Great, I never knew this, thanks.