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September 2013



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Together at last

Busy, crazy time...

A lot has happened since the last time I posted here...I'm about ready to launch the self-directed mini-classes that I ran the polls for, mentioned in THIS POST, at least the first one--sure enough there was just SO much information that I've broken the first one down into three.  They got WAY beyond "mini'!!

Soooo--there will be Quick Sketching 1, Quick Sketching 2 that will cover some of the more advanced stuff, and Quick Sketching in Color.  My brain is sizzling with ideas; sounds like bacon frying in here!  I suspect I've been driving kateslover  and my terrific webmistress, Sonya at morgansites.com bananas with all the tweaks, changes and glitches.

The illustration is from Quick Sketching 1, of course...the better you know your tools, the quicker you can grab which one you want for a specific need, and the faster you can get AT it.  I offer all sorts of time-saving tips in these lessons, plus exercises, inspiration, demos, and videos.

I ran into a glitch with the interface between PayPal and aWeber, who will be delivering the classes, but finally got that ironed out on Friday afternoon, so we should be ready to go sometime the first of this week.  After the first one, Quick Sketching 1, I'm hoping to get these done and up much faster!

There will be a signup form on THIS PAGE so you can keep up with what classes are available, as soon as I get one launched.  Watch for it!

The new group blog, Artist's Journal Workshop, is really rocking.  Lots of response, and the interviews with the artists involved have been wonderful.  We're up to #6 now, with almost 20 to go...see the most recent one with Fred Crowley HERE--and browse around, while you're at it!  We're discussing everything from favorite tools and materials to dealing with life's challenges.

I've been playing around with gouache again, partly as a result of our discussions on that blog, and will be sharing a palette conversion and more journal pages, plus drawing tips, here.  I just shot too many photos and step by steps to fit in the lessons.

Yep, I ALWAYS overproduce...ask my editors!



Cathy, I really want to sign up for this, but am going to have to wait until about the middle of March when things settle down here. Can't wait. Thanks. Kay
Kay, any time, that's the beauty of these classes instead of my regular ones! You can take it any time you want, it'll be there! Hope you enjoy it!
Hi!! Long time..you two look so cute together. It's inspiring.
I have a favor to ask? In my community, Artsource, they are asking for a poll to name the owner of the community. It is a new LJ change that a community has to have one owner. Will you please go to the poll and vote for me, so that I can maintain the community I started? What are your thoughts?
How bizarre! And of course, I'll be happy to!

Hope you're well, girl, it HAS been a while...
Uh oh...I don't see where the poll is...can you send a link please? Or tell me how to navigate? Last time I did a poll here, it was right in the message...

Bayarts said she accidentally clicked her own name, but she wants me to remain owner. :-)
Done, then!


new idea for altiods box

This will make an impressed lid work for a palette.Spray paint interior as usual. Cut a piece of flat plastic off a plastic milk gallon bottle to the size of an altoids box lid.Super glue the smooth side down textured side up.Texture on plastic will break the water bead better then enamel.

a big fan of Kate.

Re: new idea for altiods box

sounds like it should work well!