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September 2013



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Results of that mini-class poll!

You all may remember that I put up a poll here on what self-directed mini-classes people would be most interested in--I put polls up elsewhere too, including the class I just finished teaching on Drawing and Sketching.  (I also did a second poll with a few things I'd forgotten...I DO teach watercolor, for Pete's sake! 

And I'd forgotten to add Journal Keeping, so it will be in there too...

The results are in!  In addition to the polls, I got a lot of feedback via comments and so forth, so here's what will be coming in 2011 and beyond...

First was a surprise to me!
  • Quick Sketching Techniques (may be I and II, since I have a LOT of ideas!
  • Sketching in nature
  • Journal Keeping
  • Drawing People
  • Watercolor Textures
  • Watercolor Pencil
  • Plein Air Painting
  • Watercolor Basics
  • Drawing Birds
  • Painting Flowers
  • Creativity Prompts (last, which surprised me too!)
These self-directed classes would be at YOUR convenience, as I've said...particularly once I get several done and you can pick the one you want, when you want it.

Here's what Wendi commented on my first post on the subject: "I love the idea of minimal cost and convenience. Those are always my only issues with on-line classes. When I have a little extra money and time the class isn't available, and vice versa. I would totally be into the Quick Sketching, Watercolor Basics, Creativity Prompts, & Sketching in Nature. Other: Journal Keeping (I tend to get stuck/procrastinate and find days and months slip by. I think a class like this would be a nice nudge. "

Thank you, Wendi, and all who took the polls and added your comments! 

I'm busily writing and organizing lessons and dealing with the tech issues of sign-up and delivery of classes, so it'll be a bit...watch this space!



kate, the idea of mini classes for me being at home and learning myself would be wonderful. When and where are the clases or when will they start. These classes mean alot I know there are not classes in my area for journaling or anything I want to take and the classes that they do have are high priced and are in the evening and I do not have tranpertation so I thank you so for thinking of these classes it would mean alot for someone like myself who wants to learn.
Linda, I think they'll meet a lot of peoples' needs, glad you like the idea! They're not finished or up yet, as I said I'm working out some of the technical issues, but the Quick Sketching one may start sometime this month, barring other complications!


Watercolor Pencil Workshop CD vs Watercolor Magic Book

Hi Cathy,
So happy I found your site.
After decades of procrastination about really learning to draw, I finally picked up a pencil and started some free on-line lessons last month. I'm wanting to transition into watercolors and figured the WC pencils just might do the trick.
I was thinking about purchasing your "out of print" WC Magic book but found you now have a CD on the subject as well.
Since I'm very limited on funds, and can't purchase both at this time, I'd like know if the CD includes all the text and tips from the original book, or does the CD kind of start from a place assuming the reader has some experience with WC pencils. I would really appreciate your input to help me make a choice.
I LOVE your site an work, and would love to take one of your classes one day. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us; and best wishes for the new year.

Re: Watercolor Pencil Workshop CD vs Watercolor Magic Book

Hi, JJ, and thanks for the good wishes.

Actually, when the book was allowed to go out of print, I did the CD from the original manuscript, adding even more art that there was room for in the book. I added back in a chapter that had been cut for space reasons, and cut a wee bit, as I recall, so I could use the CD as a text for my online classes--we usually do 6 lessons. For the most part, though, it's the same info as the book but enriched somewhat.

Hope that helps!