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September 2013



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One of those days

The Universe is trying to teach me patience...

So.  The first insulation guy for the shed floor hasn't ever contacted me back, after he said he would three Mondays ago

The second one said they'd call at the first of this week to schedule.  It's Thursday.

(And yes of course we put insulation under there in the first place.  Rigid Styrofoam.  That's some of it, lying on the ground under the shed. The earlier stuff I piled out of sight, because it ticks me off. There's more, now.)  (The adhesive didn't.)

The electrician hasn't come  to put in the two additional outlets, or called to say why not.

The person who owns the rug that I love that would help keep the shed's floor warm, insulation or no, is apparently out of town, and there's no price tag on it.  

The sewer guy hasn't called...supposed to, the first of the week.

Soooo...i'm not really particularly patient, but busy enough I don't have time to freak out.  I HATE having to hound people, and I hate having to take time to re-contact, but this is getting nuts!


I'd be a whole lot crankier if I hadn't figured out how to use the shed ANYWAY, despite all the holdups. The sewer problem isn't there, of course--no sewer, no water--but the rest, yah. It will be warmer and cost less to heat once we get the new insulation, a rug, and storm windows made, but I'm dealing with it as it is.
It seems like this is one heck of a Mercury Retrograde. I'm hearing all kinds of snafus from people who usually cruise through Merc Retros without a hitch.

Ah well, it'll make the after-holiday R&R time that much sweeter...?
You wouldn't believe the problems I've been having with aWeber today! Normally doing the newsletter is smooth as silk, today I'm getting error messages, messages refusing to save, templates changing spontaneously and then the undo button doesn't...GAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I cant WAIT for after-holiday!