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September 2013



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Artists in my new Artist's Journal Workshop book

Someone asked if I could tell the names of the artists involved in my upcoming book--here are some names you'll know and some you should, and will

We've got artists from Scotland, Wales, Sweden, France, Spain, Australia in addition to those from the US, so the book will have a lovely international flavor.  It was a real privilege working with these wonderful, supportive people!

Catriona Andrews

Pam Johnson Brickell

Ellen Burkett

Fred Crowley

Alissa Duke

Julien Fassel (Lapin)

Laure Ferlita

Enrique Flores

Laura Frankstone

Danny Gregory

Roberta Hammer

Hannah Hinchman

Maria Hodkins

Nina Johnhannson

Nina Khashchina

Gay Kraeger

Jennifer Lawson

Steve Penberthy

Jeanette Sclar

Pat Southern

Liz Steel

Roz Stehdahl

Rick Tulka

Sandy Williams

Vicky Williamson

Jessica Wesolek

You're going to love seeing the interviews and art on the new blog!  (NO idea what happened to my formatting, it looks fine on screen...)

And yep, that's a Mystery Cover in the banner above, since we don't have the final one yet.  Who knows what will be on it??



Re: fellow artists

Thank you, Annie, they ARE terrific artists--I just can't decide which interview to do first--maybe I should put them in a hat and draw one out!

The blog will have links to their work, so people can browse more...


Where are the links?

Hi Kate,

This is indeed a great list. I know many of them, but shame on you for not providing links to them all (tsk, tsk)


Vicki Holdwick

Re: Where are the links?

Not to worry, Vicki, the new blog has ALL the links! I didn't have time to retype everything for this blog, too much else going on. As soon as I have the first interview up (or maybe before!) I'll send a link to the blog and people can find ALL the goodies. I want to make sure I have links to everyone (I don't, to two people yet, since they don't Flickr or have a website), so the official launch will be after I'm able to offer something from them too. Or not, I guess!

Edited at 2010-12-15 11:20 pm (UTC)
With that list, it should definitely be a book worth waiting for ~ :)
I agree, Serena! But I'm glad to do the blog in the meantime!