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September 2013



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Artist's Journal Workshop...

Sooo...my new North Light book will be out in June, probably, and I've had a marvelous time with this one...my editor, Holly Davis, absolutely GETS it.  (The title now is Artist's Journal Workshop; Creating Your Life in Words and Pictures, which I like, though I'd probably play down the subtitle for length.)  Holly and I worked together very well, with lots of give and take, and her suggestions and questions have made it a better book.  She was a blast to work with.

So were the 28 terrific artists that shared their work and words for the book.  I found a wide range of some of the very best artist journal keepers out there, from Hannah Hinchman to Danny Gregory, from Laura Frankstone to Enrique Flores...

I interviewed all of them, and we mined the interviews for quotes to explain and expand on the concepts in keeping a journal. 

But there was FAR too much wonderful stuff to fit in the 144 pages of the book, so I'm starting a blog just for these in-depth interviews and additional art.  There will be ongoing tips on journal keeping, recommended books, art, and much, more more. 

We don't have the official cover yet, just a working cover, but it'll be along soon...

Watch for it, AND the blog...I'll announce it here!



I will definitely follow this new blog!! :):)
Always, Rita
Thanks, Rita! I'll probably get it up and running by the first of the year. I hope they have the book cover by then, but if they don't, oh well...I'll do a "mystery cover" angle!
Congratulations on your new book coming out in June, Kate....sounds like a must have for sure. I will also be keen to follow the blog you are setting up.

Serena :)
Thank you, Serena! My only problem at this point is which one to use first--they're ALL good.


New Blog & Book

Wow! This sounds so awesome!! What a great idea, Kate! I can't wait to read this blog. It will be so much fun to have something so wonderful to tide me over until June (and after). I've been so excited about this new book of yours, too, ever since I took your Keeping An Artist's Journal course. I'm so glad that the cover will be reworked. Its sounds like evrything is rolling along nicely. YAY Kate! Merry Christmas to you and Joseph!
:o) Wendi

Re: New Blog & Book

Thank you, Wendi! The class was SO good and SO responsive, I think it energized ALL of us. And yes, there was SO much more than I could fit in the book...I even have artwork from others that just didn't go, so this will be wonderful to expand on. I'll probably cross-post here too, at least for a while, just so the information is more available.

And Merry Christmas to you too!
Thank you, Annie! North Light is going to feature 4-5 of the interviews on their website too, so the information won't be lost. I just couldn't stand not having this great stuff out there, it makes the book SO much deeper and more interesting I think.

I just realized, I need to get the blog address soon, so I can see if they can get THAT in the book!


Oh yes! Cannot wait for this!!

Raena :D
Me either, Raena! The most frustrating part of the whole deal was I KEPT seeing work I wanted to include, but you have to stop when the deadline looms!



Is it a secret who the 28 artists are? Hopefully you will have links to thier work.
Continued success!

Re: Artists?

Oh, no, no secret at all! I'll do a new post to list them...I'm just so excited...


You're in the EBSQ Friday Five (http://blog.ebsqart.com/2010/12/17/ebsq-friday-five-40/)!

Cathy I'd love to feature you in January on the EBSQ Blog. If you are interested please email me at: makepeace.arts[at]gmail[dot]com

Happy Holidays!

Re: Congratulations!

Thanks, Amanda! Not only will I be revealing the cover (when I actually see it myself!), but we'll be featuring more in-depth interviews with the artists in the book. I'll start that series after Christmas, just too nuts now, I think!

And I'll email you, thank you!