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September 2013



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quick landscape

quick landscape, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

I'm gearing up to do the first of the self-directed, non-interactive mini-classes--according to my polls, posted in several places, quick sketching techniques is the big winner, so I've been playing with that in my journal a lot lately.

The sketch at the top of the page was done in just minutes, with a mechanical pencil--Joseph had gone into the library to pick up a book and I did the barest of guidelines on the page. (The tree at bottom was sketched while he filled the Jeep with gas! Rubbing the pencil squiggles with my finger gave the tone on the evergreens and suggested the tiny twigs.)

Later, I splashed in a bit of gouache, which worked really well on the toned paper--but that took less than 10 minutes, too. I have a few photos of the work in progress that will be part of the mini-class.

I tried a video of sketching my neighbor's cat, who was taking a bath at the time...imagine sketching with your right hand, holding the camera with the left, and trying to watch the cat, too!

So far my only problem is TOO many ideas for a single class. Quick sketching is fun...


as usual you are an inspiration! there is nothing i do not love about watercolors!
Thank you, sweetie! I'm really enjoying seeing your new watercolors, too. The little owl is wonderful.
lovely! now, if you lifted every bit of color and landscape, and left only the tops of the tree branches showing, you'd have minnesota, today. so far, nearly a foot of snow, high winds picking up, and white-out conditions. they have called the snow plows back in because they can't see where they are going.

all i have to do is draw those little branches on my sketchbook, and i'm set! (pretty soon, i can leave them out, too.)

i'm wearing the cat to stay warm. he thinks he's snuggling with ME! got HIM fooled!
Little cold and snowy there is it, Miss Girl??

VERY windy here too, but only a dusting of snow. Cats are great for warm, aren't they! I need to go find one...

And I love your Starkadder picture!