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September 2013



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Lightest Watercolor Palette EVER.

I've been trying to figure out the lightest watercolor palette I can, 'cause carrying stuff makes my arthritis complain.  Soooo...I was looking at this pencil box the other day, thinking of using it, when I suddenly realized the pencils were nestled in a white plastic liner...


So, lightbulb moment!  I took it out, cleaned it off, and gave it a dab of tube watercolor on opposite ends of those pencil grooves.   A bit of paper towel, a waterbrush, a tiny pencil and a scrap of expired credit card to scrape and draw with...

Weighed 1.4 OUNCES, even with the translucent plastic envelope.  NOW we're getting somewhere!  (J says the only thing lighter would be to put the dabs of paint on my arm...but hey, gotta shower from time to time!)


Putting the paint dabs on alternating ends of the grooves gave me little mixing areas, as well!  Not bad!  Now to test drive it!


Hey, a hot air palette! Yeah!!
Wow! That is light.

As a dedicated backpacker, I can carry a lot. And Himself is a regular mule. I carry a full set of pencils in a pencil book. Two water color pads and a Windsor and Newton travel set of 8 half pans. A water bottle and two brushes, both of them the new type that hold water. It all fits in my back pack along with food, snacks (there's a difference) extra socks and some survival gear that I never go without.
Wow, you're not kidding! I've got more in my backpack, but this is for my everyday purse thingie!
Oh, I see. I carry a few pencils and a water brush thing. I seldom have time to sketch unless I make it an expedition.
I use those bits of time that are otherwise wasted...waiting while J. shops, or at the doctor's office, or in a restaurant! So I'm always prepared...
What if your tins had wrist straps on them? Would that help? :D
You never know, Shuju!
Hehe, I'll send over a couple of tins as soon as I figure out the best way to attach the straps :P
Sounds like a deal! :-)
A wonderful idea, Kate!
Thank you!
GENIUS! Sheer genius!
Hey, necessity IS the mother of invention! And thanks!

I think if I made something similar, I'd be afraid it'd get bent or twisted in the bag, so I'd want to strengthen the back of it somehow - maybe with a piece of light metal, or strong cardboard or plastic or something (but then one might as well just use the pencil tin and then one's back to square one) - but i really like this idea and this execution. Which paints did you dab on? Just curious xP
I keep it in that translucent plastic envelope, which helps protect it! That will also hold a bit of paper towel, a small pencil, and a waterbrush...everything you really need. But yes, you would be back to square one if you used a metal backing...

Those are mostly Winsor & Newton paints--I'll have to figure out the color later!

Yeah, I see you using that envelope to hold all that stuff, I'm just saying I'd be worried still xD

I noticed you tend to lean to W&N a little, but yes, it was the colours of paint I really meant to inquire about :) For some reason, one of the things I like the most about your art (except for the actual -art- that is) s is the fact that you spend a lot of time (or at least more than most artists are willing to -show- online) with palettes, and boxes. And colour charts and so. I really love browsing that folder in your flickr, and your colour charts and pocket boxes have given me quite a lot of inspiration, though I almost can't even say why... but as a result, I'm always curious as to the specific colours you dab on when you show a new palette, and it isn't even a very rational curiosity, it just... is <3
I added color notes to the Flickr image--check my NEW post and click on the image to go to Flickr.

I love to see other peoples' palettes and WC boxes, so it's natural to share!


You're in the EBSQ Friday Five (http://blog.ebsqart.com/2010/11/12/ebsq-friday-five-37/).

Re: Awesome!

Well cool, thank you Amanda!

Re: Awesome!

You're welcome! I love it when artists find new ways to use ordinary objects in the studio. :)

Re: Awesome!

Me too. Inspiration!

Watercolor Light

Great idea...thanks for sharing!!

Re: Watercolor Light

You're welcome!
A ziploc bag would likely be even lighter than the plastic envelope/folder!
Yep, it would, you're right! I thought of that, but none of the ones except the gallon wee quite wide enough, I don't think (have to check the quart!). And I like the slight rigidity of the envelope to protect the palette...


Light field kit

I'm always working toward a lighter kit, too. I'm a fly fisher so the watercolor kit has to fit in a vest pocket. I've got it down to a watercolor pencil for monochrome scenes, a graphite pencil, a plastic waterbrush and a moleskine heavy paper sketchbook. There's also a pocket knife. I know that's a lot of weight, but it has a lot of uses.
So....what are you using for paper? Donna

Re: Light field kit

Donna, that's usually where the "heavy" comes in! I make my own hardbound journals with watercolor paper! Though sometimes I just make an accordion fold strip of paper and use that...

Your kit sounds perfect!