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September 2013



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A new poll--what self directed mini-art classes would you be interested in?

Poll #1641021 Mini-art classes

I'm planning some self-directed mini-art classes--what would you like to see?

Quick sketching techniques
Drawing people
Drawing animals
Drawing flowers
Watercolor basics
Plein air painting
Creativity prompts
Sketching in nature
Drawing birds
Other? And what, please...leave a comment!

Hi all!  Lots of people ask me about my various class offerings, but life being what it is I can only do one at a time of the full-blown interactive classes.  Life's too short and I discovered I just go nuts trying to do more than one!

I'm got a lot else on my plate at any given moment, too, and I always have some people waiting on a different class than the one I'm giving at the time--so I'm planning to offer a variety of mini-classes, non-interactive, that would be delivered directly to your inbox.  Cost would be minimal, and you could enroll whenever it's convenient for YOU, not when I have the time (or energy!) to teach! 

(Our full-blown classes usually are 6 weeks of actual classes, and at least 9, for Joseph and me, what with preparation and details!)

These classes will have PDFs,  demos, exercises, and assignments plus either videos or links to videos--but you'll do them on your own.

What do you think?

SO.  Let me know what interests YOU most--that's what I'll try to offer first...


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I think a class like that is exactly what I need. Himself [the husband person] is not in good health and there are some days that I just don't have the energy.
I'm so sorry your husband isn't well. I know what a drain that can be on BOTH of you. Takes a lot of energy, indeed...I've been there.

And thank you for your input!


I definitely want to take the basic watercolor mini-class(as well as take a more in-depth class whenever you are able to offer it again). Also one in plein air painting.

Actually, I would probably take several of these, as they would be less expensive and on whatever schedule fits at the time.

Have fun with your current class and don't over-stress!

Re: mini-classes

Yes, that's my plan...to make them convenient and affordable.

I might be over-stressing just a weeeeeee tad. Is steam coming out of my ears yet?

Thought so...


mini classes

I'd be interested in quick sketching techniques, plein air painting, drawing people, and sketching in nature.
Marilyn Dueck

Re: mini classes

Thank you, Marilyn! I'm surprised at how many people here and on my class poll are choosing quick sketching as their first choice.


Mini Art Class Poll

Hi Kate, This is a GREAT idea! I wasn't sure how to vote, so I am just leaving a comment.
I love the idea of minimal cost and convenience. Those are always my only issues with on-line classes. When I have a little extra money and time the class isn't available, and vice versa. I would totally be into the Quick Sketching, Watercolor Basics, Creativity Prompts, & Sketching in Nature. Other: Journal Keeping (I tend to get stuck/procrastinate and find days and months slip by. I think a class like this would be a nice nudge. I LOVED the class you did; Keeping and Artist's Journal and can't wait for your new book), Landscape Painting/Sketching (in watercolor. Maybe this falls under Nature Sketching or Plein Air, but I have a difficult time finding instruction specifically for landscapes in watercolor so I thought I'd throw it out there), Suburban/Urban Sketching, Painting, and also specifically Watercolor Pencil sketching/painting (again just ideas).

Thank you so much
:o) Wendi

Re: Mini Art Class Poll

I know just what you mean, Wendi! The last online class I signed up for, I had to drop out because life was just too busy. Looks like quick sketching gets the nod for first up...

And thanks for all the great ideas and kind words!


Mini-Art Classes

All eventually, but Quick Sketching Tecniques, Sketching in nature, Drawing Flowers, first

Re: Mini-Art Classes

Interesting how quick sketching techniques has really gotten so much interest! Looks like that one will be first...


Linda Brunner "Hummingbird"

My personal goal is to progress to the creation of thoughtful, colorful journals filled with natural and architectural imagery, especially flowers, each page with a theme, a thought, a hope for a lesson learned. Would love to embellish with my own personal calligraphy. I joined the class to receive the gifts of feedback and companionship I always cherish from Kate and classmates. I have purchased a ton of supplies in the last 5 years and now that I am retired from business and a full time grandmother and caregiver, I hope when my grandson is napping or sleeping to squeeze in those precious moments with my pens, inks, watercolors, and any and every paper surface to embellish my journals. Thanks so much Kate, for the teaching and the fellowship the group provides. See you and all the classmates on line. Any and all constructive criticism is gratefully received.

Linda Brunner - "Hummingbird" - Palmdale, CA

Re: Linda Brunner "Hummingbird"

Linda, we'll be delighted to have you in class...can't wait to see what you do!

mini class

I'm interested in sketching outdoors, especially buildings. See Urban Sketchers for examples.

Re: mini class

Thanks, Kathy! I'm a correspondent for that blog, so I know just what you're talking about. Thank you! Good suggestion.


1. Quick sketching techniques
2. Watercolor basics
3. Sketching in nature

Others - Sketching buildings
Thank you! Feedback is so important...



I would love to try a mini-class on quick sketching. I am a beginner and would definitely love feedback but having a full time job and mother living with me who is under Hospice care means I don't have the time for a regular class. So a self-paced class would be the best for me right now.


Re: Mini-classes

Ernie, thank you! Yes, I think a lot of people feel like that. I've been a caregiver myself, so I know what you mean...my best to you.


Quick Sketcging Techniques

I've been a follower and admirer of you and your work for years. I'm always inspired by your work, but like many others find it difficult to put pen to paper given other demands. This would be a nudge in the right direction for me!!

Re: Quick Sketcging Techniques

I'm a great little nudger! Thank you for the kind words...


Mini Classes

Hi Kate,

All the classes look great! Especially Quick sketching techniques, Drawing people, and Sketching in nature. Depending on the pricing (and what the budget is like) I would be interested in trying many of them! Hope you decide to do it!
Susan R.

Re: Mini Classes

Thanks, Susan, looks like Quick Sketching will be first up! I'll keep the price way down, as compared to my regular classes--I'm just setting up the tech stuff now...


mini classes

I think mini classes are a wonderful idea! Online classes are great, but every time I sign up for one life somehow seems to speed up and with so many 'urgent' things that need tending to and I have to dropout of whatever class I have started. min classes would be a great way around this. I would love to take classes in quick sketching, water color, but especially in keeping an artist journal/sketchbook. Also, something focused like working on toned papers would be nice.

Re: mini classes

Yes, I know just what you mean...this way people could REALLY do it at their own pace! We're in the midst of an online class right now, and we're ALL feeling rather pressured...

I like the toned papers idea, thank you!

mini classes

Ooops, didn't realize that was not signed in for my previous comment about what classes---
quick sketch, watercolor, journaling and working on toned papers.


Re: mini classes

Thanks for the input! Looks like quick sketch will be first up!


Want to take all your minis except for people

because I live in a noisy apartment building that is not secure. I am most interested in blending watercolor pencils to look like watercolor, better than I have been able to, maybe mine are too old? and look forward to the email newsletter! Thank you :}

Re: Want to take all your minis except for people

It depends a lot on what brand of WC pencils you have, as much as anything (though I think they can get old and dry.) You might explore Faber-Castell's Albrecht Durer pencils, they seem to lift best for me...


Mini classes

Please add LIGHTing. I live in the northeast and boy it's dark here and colors look funny....

Re: Mini classes

Not sure whether you mean have a class on studio lighting, or have better light for my videos, which is DEFINITELY on the agenda!
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