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September 2013



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Gearing up to teach again--finally!

I've moved classes to a whole new venue, as a private class site, and of course that means LOTS of tweaking.  We're limiting class size this time, and hoping to keep the whole process a lot simpler.  I love being able to have standalone pages right there handy for the syllabus, supply list and more, and a list of helpful links that's easy to get at. 

I have been wanting to teach this one again for a LONG time, didn't realize it had been since 2005--it was one of my first classes!  So I'm excited about the whole deal...you can find out more here: http://www.cathyjohnson.info/online.html

People who already own my CD will pay less for the class of course!  But...

There have been a few bugs with the PayPal button, and I apologize for that!  SIiiiigh!  I was hoping I could do a drop-down menu with the  limited class size right there, but it wanted to charge for shipping on the class-alone option.  If I use TWO PayPal buttons, one for each option, then it doesn't keep track of class size...meh!

Guess we'll have to keep a tight eye on that ourselves!

At least this time we aren't having to do the complex multiple-ID spreadsheet like we always have before!  We've had to deal with actual names, PayPal IDs, multiple emails, Flickr IDs, and Yahoo IDs in the past...no wonder I'd get nuts before classes started. 


SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!  I am definitely not a techie...

We'd considered Google Wave, but it's already going away...GAAAAAAAAH!  Blogger is pretty stable, though, so--fingers crossed!  I'll probably be babbling for a bit here...

(You can sure tell I like that drawing of my husband, can't you!)