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September 2013



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Deja vu' all over again...

What a hoot!  I've been cleaning stuff out, selling, donating, giving away, recycling, and inspired by one of my favorite sites online, Discardia. Check it out here if you're not familiar with it; author Dinah Sanders shows lots of ways to get rid of excess baggage in your life.  As she says on her site, "Discardia is a holiday to celebrate and teach letting go of what doesn’t add value to your life – whether a physical object, habit, or emotional baggage – and replacing it with what makes your world more awesome. "

Every time I visit my sis and brother -in-law in Nevada, I come home impressed with how he's able to let go of those things that he's not using NOW, or that mean enough to him to keep--favorite books, paintings, and music, for instance, things that enrich their lives.  We were there in September...so of course I've been on a baggage-clearing binge.

One thing I came across in our stacks was my original copy of  The Complete Tightwad Gazette!  Needless to say, I did NOT pass it along, I'm re-reading it.  (And ironically she often suggests, yep, hoarding and buying in bulk.  I'm having a bit of schizophrenia here. Dump--or save?  Save...or pass it along...eeep!)

Amy Dacyczyn makes me laugh, and I have gotten lots of good ideas and information...and deja vu!

Reading all this reminded me that when I first started freelancing back when pterodactyls were thick as fleas on a stray dog, I wrote a series called Good Earthkeeping--Makin' Do.  This was meant originally to be a newsletter (a la The Tightwad Gazette, I guess, though it predated it by more years than I care to admit!)  Bits of pieces of this ended up in The Mother Earth News--and I had wondered where that stuff went.  (YES I recycled a lot of old stuff from the file cabinets...)

Stay with me here, OK?  So here I was in the midst of Discardia, just getting ready to recycle another pile of paper, when I discovered, in the bottom of a throw-away bag, one of my original articles.  An 18 page carbon copy!  That was written when I really WAS almost a starving artist...

Some of it's pretty funny...I was a starry-eyed back-to-the-land-I'd-never-come-from type, then--but it's fun to read, too.  And yep, some of it I still do, some I'm doing again, and some will probably end up here.

Just don't die laughing, OK?

Oh yeah, one more whirl around the circle of life...kateslover brought me his old copy of The Mother Earth News Almanac to add to my bookshelf at the shed yesterday...and guess who had an article in it? 

Mmmmm-hmmmmmmmmm, you're right. :-D


Oh, that's neat! Actually I did some of the "back to the land" stuff when we lived in the city, eating weeds (which is what the Almanac article was about) and growing what we could on our small city lot. It was just enough to give me a real taste for it! Give my regards to your father...

Old works

I love this kind of post. I still pull out some of my old stuff occasionally and read it fondly.

Re: Old works

Thanks, Paul, it was fun to do (and think about!)
have you ever given a tour of your studio?
I'd love to see it.
I haven't! It's still not finished, and it's very small...