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September 2013



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I think I've gotten to the age (or my knees have gotten to the stage!) where travel is REALLY tiring.  I can do short car trips without any big problem, but dashing through huge airports (McCarron in Vegas, and ick, Denver) between widely-spaced gates and having to speed-walk 'cause the plane is late just isn't working any more. 

I hate, hate, HATE the thought of a wheelchair but you know what?  Joseph says that's what we're going to do from now on,  and I didn't even argue.

We got home in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, and I am still limping around with at least one cane.  Actually considered having kateslover  get the old walker that was my uncle's out of the shed, but so far ice and a cane or two are keeping me mobile.  Sort of.

Oh, yeah, and the knee brace and codeine last night.

The moral of this story is "get OVER yourself, you're not 20 any more!"
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They do, don't they Annie! I normally don't use the cane, but whew, this week I'm glad I have a nice collection of them.

Actually, I'm hoping next time they have not only a wheelchair but someone to push it. His back is not good, either! (Wotta pair we are!)

Sorry you are having knee problems. Ouch!
Thank you! I messed my knee up about 12 years ago, but once in a while it REALLY gets my attention.
I understand completely! I'm currently hobbling about in a knee brace and refusing to use my cane at work (don't want to look old and weak, you know?). Airport connections are the absolutely worse! Take advantage of any accommodations you can squeeze out of them. After all, they're squeezing you every chance they get!
I wore my knee brace the other day, too (actually one of my vast collection!) I dread airport travel--TOO many people, too crowded, too stressy, and too far.

And you've got a point! It was a very expensive trip, I thought...
Yeah, what is it about knees and other lower joints?

They take a LOT of abuse over the years! I've worked and played hard all my life...bet you have too!
Ouch! Yeah, getting old is a bitch.