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September 2013



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Just had to design a banner for the new blog...

shed banner

You can find it here: http://artists-shed.blogspot.com/

And yes, of course the name is a pun!  Last year I NEEDED to get shed of reality, there was just a wee tad too much of it for me!
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i'm quite loving this whole thing! our first house, full of two adults, two kids, and two dogs, was only 600 square feet. it was tiny, but it was plenty adequate. amazing that the house we have now is so big by comparison, but seems too small for only the two of us, sometimes. just goes to show you that we get used to things easily, and never bother to challenge that paradigm.

do keep up with the photos! i think this would be a capital idea for the back yard--even without the spectacular view. just the solitude would be nice! (and i suspect that there's a granddaughter who would get a kick out of hanging out in a "little house", too. that grinding sound are the wheels turning...
Hi girl...and thanks! Yes, solitude, and different responsibilities and temptations. No fridge, no washing machine, no cookstove, no phone. I get some of that feeling on the back deck, especially since we got the new table out there, but--winter WILL come again! :-P

Heyyyyy...I think your grinding sounds good!

And you're right, we do get used to different things. My first apartment was 4 rooms, two of them closet-sized. Bed was in the living room! And then later, my first husband and I had a 5 room log cabin, again tiny. This 6-room house feels BIG--partly the high ceilings and big windows, I know, because the rooms are still what most people would consider small.

J. and I both like tiny spaces, though...feels good!
Well, Annie, I'll sure be sending them, both here (some) and on the new shed blog at http://artists-shed.blogspot.com/ Thanks!