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September 2013



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Creating Nature in Watercolor rush?

Interesting about orders...I've gotten several this week for Creating Nature in Watercolor, and NO idea why the sudden rush!  I'd love to know if someone reviewed it on their blog or recommended it in a class...if it was you, please let me know, and THANK YOU!

It's gotten really good reviews, and was selling really well, but publishing being what it is these days, it was allowed to go out of print MUCH more quickly than they used to.  So I bought a bunch of copies myself and now offer signed ones in my website catalog.

You can read more about the book HERE, including an overview of the types of landscapes we visited and how to paint them (actually, a variety of techniques to capture them I and the birds and animals we found there. 

I'm very committed to using my journal for nature study, and in fact am working on that section in the current North Light book on keeping an artist's journal.  I'm featuring the work of my old friend Hannah Hinchman, as well as an international group of artists including Nina Johannson, Catriona Andrews, Liz Steel, Rick Tulka, Alissa Duke, Danny Gregory, Maria Hodkins, Roz Stendahl, Laura Frankstone, Gay Kraeger, Laure Ferlita and many more, in various sections of that book. 

I did really enjoy doing Creating Nature in Watercolor!  We got to travel all over, and kateslover was wonderfully helpful and supportive, carrying my backpack and fetching paint water--not to mention making sure I remembered to EAT.  The pictures on the page above represent a camping trip we took to the Adirondacks and one to the Valley of Fire in Nevada.  There are images from California, Virginia, Pennsylvania, NY and of course, Missouri, as well!

You can order your own signed copy or one for a gift here, too--I wouldn't mind a bit!


You, Your Inspiration, Your Books, Your Art

I've been going through your CD published in 2006 "An Artist's Journal" - it's a CD with your sketchbook pages from the 90's. You are one of the biggest influences on my art and I just want to say, "thank you." I started reading about you and your work about 20+ years ago now and cannot believe that I can now send you a comment, communicate with you on the internet. Life is grand! You have been, are, and continue to be such an inspiration. I have the book Creating Nature in WAtercolor" as well as most of your other books on nature sketching. I'm getting ready to post on my blog a few little notes and sketches from today inspired by your beautiful pages. All the best and again, thank you!

Re: You, Your Inspiration, Your Books, Your Art

Well you are a sweetheart to write, thank you--and you're welcome! The 'net IS an amazing place, isn't it? I'm delighted you like my work.