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September 2013



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We have a title!

Well, not "we" personally, no need for Queen Kate or Lady Ruckman just yet...but book will be Artist's Journal Workshop; Creating Your Life in Words and Pictures.  I'm well pleased that we got away from art journaling, which is entirely different. Using the word workshop is good!

Thank you, everyone who came up with such great ideas!  If it had been up to me to pick, it would have been very, very difficult!  (Didn't know authors didn't get to name their own books, eh? :-P)




Congratulatsions Kate, of course the name does not matter to me - I will Need It!! ;-)

Re: Title

You're a doll! I'm adding a lot of new stuff that wasn't in the class, and not having room for some of what was, so it will be quite different.



Yay!!! Pop open the bubbly! Thats a great title, (why didn't I think of that, lol). I'm so glad that's settled, and I bet you are too Kate "o). This means you are one step close to publishing, and I am one step closer to having this book in my hands! Congratulations!!
:o) Wendi

Re: Wooo-hooooo!!!

Thank you, Wendi! It does feel good...one more thing settled!
i like workshop. it leaves room for much imagination and breadth of approach. yeah. i like it.

nicely done, o great one!!! (and "we" applies to the mouse in your pocket, too, you know!)
I like it too! Since that's what I call several of my tutorial CDs, don't know why I didn't think to suggest it!

That IS a cute little mousie...


Feed Problems

Kate, is your rss feed working correctly? I'm trying to subscribe to your feed and the only one my reader picks up looks like the posts aren't updated. The latest on shown is about Watercolor Tips and Techniques being search inside capable at Amamzon, which looks like it was posted a few months ago.


Re: Feed Problems

Hi Gina--on this blog? I have NO idea, not sure how to check it, either. Thanks for the heads up, I'll try to figure out where the problem is...


Book and video

What a wonderful thing happened today when I was watching your video on your supplies there was a voice!!!! After all these years of following you Ifinally have got to hear you. This is very exciting for me.
Cantwait fornew book. The pdf for trees and the greens this was wonderful also stillwouldlove to have a video watching you paint this would be remarkably great to me.

Re: Book and video

Hi Linda! How funny...my voice sounds so odd to me, but I guess everyone thinks that.

I'm sure someday I'll get to video, just need to upgrade my equipment.*G*


Re: Book and video

Thank you so and I'm in high hopes that you get the thing to do this. I have wanted to learn how to paint from you since 8 years when I found out about journaling and finding you. Just think your work is beautiful and again would love to learn from you. If I ever win the big lotto I will come there in hopes to have a class by you.!!

Re: Book and video

Heh, neat trick since I hardly teach in person workshops any more. *G*
Yay, I agree!



Oh, excellent title, Kate! This leaves you room for so much more in the areas you want to include. I like the WORDS part, too.

Re: Hurray!

It does, doesn't it...



I like it.... the book will be a workshop... I record my life and yet while doing that I am also creating it in the present moment.

Re: Title

Beautifully put!