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September 2013



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Hi all! My editor tells me they're having a title meeting for my book on keeping an artist's journal on Thursday, so before that time I need to come up with ideas for a better name for it. They originally had something with "creative art journaling," but that's not what I do or teach. I don't want to mislead...

I think of art journaling as doing pages that are themselves art, like lots of collage and stamping and such that may or may not function as a journal.  Artists may show or sell this kind of book--it's not really personal.  What I do, and teach, is more like the above...

...and less like the collage page below, which I did it as a demo for class. It was a LOT of layers and took hours to dry...who's got that kind of time?  (The nature spread above evolved over a few days, adding more bits and pieces as I had time.  Guess you COULD do that with a collaged and stamped piece, but I like to have the mess out and then put it AWAY when I'm done!)

So! Any brilliant ideas for a title?? Help!


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Hmm - this is tricky isn't it? Your current title would appeal to me - because it differentiates your book from the mixed media books, and of course once you have one title it's hard to come up with something else.

These are probably rubbish but maybe they'll give you some thing to springboard from;

Watercolour Journaling,
Watercolour Journaling for Artists
Paint your Life; Watercolour journaling for Artists
The Colourful Life: Creating Personal Journals in Watercolour

And that's a very pretty pread, btw!

Or even SPREAD!


How about "The Journaling Experience" or "Venture into Journaling"
When I read your post, what jumped out and excited me was the word 'personal'....maybe not everyone would feel the same, but it seemed to set yours apart from all the other journaling 'how to' books out there. Something along the line of 'Making a Personal Nature Journal'?
Thank you, I definitely like the "personal"! It's covering a lot more concepts than nature journaling though...



Humm - a tough one
Illustrated Journaling
Creative Journaling
Journaling with Pen and Paint
The Illustrated Diary

Of course if it is "By Cathy Johnson" - the title does not matter :-)

Re: Title

It IS tough! Thanks for the suggestions...
How about: A Colorful Life: Keeping a Watercolor Journal? When will the book be coming out, Kate?
Nice, thanks! But not just watercolor--see the comment above! It'll be sometime in 2011, not sure when...


New Book Title

Hi Kate!!
I totally agree with you!! When I read this post, your section on Integrating Your Journal and Your Life from your Keeping An Artists Journal class immediately popped into my head... So, this idea is derived from what you taught me...

How about something like:

"Integrated Journaling: Celebrating Your Life With Personal Art and Writings"....???

I'll keep brainstorming... hope thsi helps a little.
:o) Wendi

Re: New Book Title

Nice, thank you Wendi!



Keeping an Artist's Journal?

Sounds good to me.

Re: Title

Yep, me too. That's what it's about!


I liked Keeping an Artist's Journal. And the suggestion Illustrated Journaling. Ann N.
Thanks, Ann...it'll be interesting to see what they go with.


Possible Book Title

Journaling With Nature
Journals The Natural Way

Storm Dickinson

Re: Possible Book Title

Thanks, Storm! We're covering a lot more than nature journaling, though...trying to be inclusive without getting awkward is tricky.


Title suggestions

Sorry I'm late to the party, just saw the post!

The Artistic Life Journaled
The Journaled Life of Artists: A Personal View
The Journaled Life: An Artist's Personal View
The Well Journaled Life: Making It Personal
Artist's and Their Journals: A Way of Life
Artistic Journals: An Artist's View
An Artist's View
Artistic Journeys
The Journaled Page
Artistic Pages: Personal Artists' Journals
Seeing Within: Artists' Journaled Lives

Okay, most of these are dudes, but perhaps they'll spark something better! Good luck!!

Re: Title suggestions

Wow, that's a lot of good ideas! Thank you.


book title idea

How about:

the Art of Visual Journaling
Keeping an Art(ist's) Journal
Your life in sketches
Sketching Your Life

Titling a painting isn't easy so I imagine coming up with a book title is harder. Good Luck!

Re: book title idea

You got that right! It IS hard...thanks for the ideas...


I like the suggestions with the words artist or illustrated in the title and I guess it also needs to include the word journal. I agree that the word personal really addds emphasis to how and why the images and words are being put onto paper. Reading through the suggestions I realise how much I am influenced by the title and how much just a few words can suggest a concept. Sorry I could not add anything new to the suggestions
Yes, need to keep it clear and strong...



What about a title that has your name it it Kate? Something like:

"Cathy Johnson's Keeping An Artist's Journal"

I'm still stuck on this one (sorry):

"Integrated Journaling: Expressing Your Life through personal art and writing." or

"Active Journaling"
"Keeping an Active Journal"

arrggggrgrggggg!! My brainstorming is more like brainfogging!

Re: Brainstorming...

LOL! I think my problem is that I'm stuck on the first one, too. That's what it IS, though I don't need my name in the title. Integrated journaling is nce, too...
Days in Art?
The Daily Artist?
An Artist's Book of Days? :)

(Everyone's already thought of the good ones.) . :P
Ooooh, I like that last one! Yummy...thanks Shuju!
Thanks, Miss Vicky! I wonder if integrated might be misleading, though that's the most important part to me. (You can tell I lived through the 60s...)
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