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September 2013



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Once upon a time...

"At the Edge of Town," watercolor and colored pencil

This is one of my favorite older paintings--don't ask me why, I was just happy with the way it turned out. The barns are all gone now; the Jeep dealer is where they once stood (or it was, before GMC's recent troubles and the only Jeeps available here are used), but this is how it looked when I first moved to town.  I tell Joseph that sort of thing a lot...poor man.  "That's where the cool old grocery store used to be; this was once the feed store, before the fire; this was the Pepsi plant; this is where the beautiful Victorian depot was...we tried hard to save it..."

The town was quite a bit more interesting then, quirkier, less homogenized.

No McDonald's, no Waffle House, no boutiques, no big car dealerships, no Walmart Super Stores--no Walmart. Just interesting little mom-and-pop groceries and liquor, feed stores, farms, meat lockers, hardware stores that had everything you could imagine needing as well as owners who knew where it all was, picturesque and slightly seedy little motels--even individual little camping cottages, remember those?  

I liked it. A lot.

And painted a lot of it.  I'm glad, now, and still try to capture things before they're gone.  When you live in the same area for 40 years, you realize how much changes, and how quickly.


I suppose change is inevitable, Maree, but I do miss the more interesting bits. We try to save some, and do, but we're becoming crowded with franchise shops--McDonald's is only the tip of the iceberg.


Wistful memories

Wistful memories are bittersweet, aren't they? Even my bland part of Overland Park has changed a lot in the two decades we've lived here. The six-lane boulevard that was a gravel road when we first arrived. The field of dairy cows that is now a subdivision (can't help but see a metaphor in that). The succession of hopeful shops that came and went in the little shopping mall by our house. Most bittersweet of all, the little babies we brought with us who are now all grown and gone.

I've always loved your watercolors!

Re: Wistful memories

Life is change, but I do hate to lose things that bring such pleasure. Yes, OP has changed a LOT, hasn't it! Of course a lot of the old buildings I loved had a lot of patina--in other words they'd outlived their usefulness and were falling down. One reason I painted them was because I realized that...

And thank you!