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Tweaking my newsletter signup form for new subscribers

Hmmm...still haven't figured out how to copy it here so it looks like it does on my webpage or my fine arts blog, but I'm trying to offer more info and extra value--a small, thank-you PDF, and a link to a past newsletter, so people can see what I am offering.  Wish I weren't QUITE such a candidate for ".HTML for Dummies"....

Subscribe HERE--Cathy Johnson's Free Art Tips Newsletter!

Tips on the how-to & the why-to of art; tools, websites, techniques, links, demos, online classes, and a FREE small thank-you PDF.

Any suggestions or ideas?  (You should be able to click on the link above to see a recent edition, new one coming up in the next day or two, but alas, it's not working!  So yeah, your first suggestion will probably be "fix the link!"  Working on it... )

(Ah, GOT it, it works now!)

Tags: .html, marketing, newsletter
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