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September 2013



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New webpage design, too!

Well hooray, we finally got the new website design finished, and my wonderful webmistress, Sonya at morgansites.com got it up this morning--nice way to start the week!  Thanks, Miss Sonya! 

We did lots of tweaking, simplifying, organizing and general cleanup...I like the new size and airiness!  (No time to do all those inside pages, of course, but this should make it easier to navigate...)

The newsletter signup is now easier to find, too--right there at upper right!  Art Tips are at upper left, as always--

You can see it full size HERE --let me know what you think!

And in other news--I've been going through old issues of The Artist Magazine, Watercolor Magic, Drawing Board and others, and pulling my articles--just heard it was OK to make PDFs of them to make the available again.  I'll be doing that, a few at a time...lots of info there, going back 20 years, though I don't have all those issues!


VERY clean and airy, and inspiring! I'm assuming you're working with something like WordPress now...? It makes updating so much easier!

Good for you!
Thank you, Ais! Nope, still working with morgansites for my website stuff...it's just SO complex and many-layered there's no way I'd try that myself...

I DO have the gallery blog on Blogger that I do myself, though... http://cathyjohnsonart.blogspot.com/ I'm discovering how powerful that is!

And by the way, thank you again, I LOVE aWeber!

looking good

Nice pages Cathy a world to discover

Re: looking good

Thank you, Isabel, you're welcome any time!