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September 2013



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It is a LOT of work to save work! New newsletter delivery system...


I finally got all signed up and followup and broadcast (time sensitive announcement) newsletters written and realized my first one should be tweaked so it works better as a follow up, to let people know what to expect.  It's looking good, and it's a lot more informative now, but I had NO end of trouble putting a new graphic in!  Guess I'd forgotten how, siiigh...

I write an art tip on my website at http://cathyjohnson.info every few weeks (we're up to #100 now!), and then send out an announcement newsletter with the latest news, books, articles, materials, techniques, links, artists and websites I like, whatever. 

I even have a new signup subscription form on my website, above, and soon will figure out how to offer a useful PDF there, too.  (I've been going back through tons of old articles for The Aritst's Magazine and Watercolor Magic, now Watercolor Artist --those would be a neat bonus to offer!  Of course I'll link in a newsletter so existing subscribers can get it too, if they want.)

Feel free to sign up, if you like!  You can unsubscribe any time you like...it's at the bottom of my home page, right now, but will be moving to upper right,s oo.

aWeber's working really well, and their tech support ROCKS, but I'm still learning the ropes.  It looks like it might be a good place to deliver a Do-It-Yourself, work-at-your-own-speed class, even!

And speaking of those #100 art tips--I do a series of art tip CDs, for people who like the convenience of inspiration without having to go online, and keep the cost low since they ARE all archived on my site.  The latest one is up on my CafePress store and my website catalog...