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September 2013



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Starving artists

Starving Artists cook Mexican Poached Eggs

Cathy Johnson and Joseph Ruckman cook!

Mexican Poached Eggs

At the suggestion of one of our readers (thank you, Mandy--you may know her as [info]junquegrrl!), I decided to try our Italian Egg Brunch with a different nationality!  We'd been too busy for breakfast this morning, but this made a marvelous brunch!

We had some leftover salsa (Lime and Garlic, YUM), so I tried a similar dish.  See what you think...

1 C. of your favorite salsa, more or less (depending on the size of your skillet and your appetite!)
1/4 finely diced onion, if you want...
2-4 eggs (we get wonderful, varied fresh organic farm eggs--luscious!)
dash of chili powder
seasoning to taste
1/4 C. cheddar or other cheese

As usual, I lightly oiled the skillet (canola or olive oil works fine; so does butter if you prefer), then poured in enough salsa to cover the bottom of the medium-sized skillet. Mine is a wonderful old Le Creuset that I’ve had forever, enamel over cast iron, so it heats evenly and beautifully, but doesn’t need the kind of care cast iron does. It’s similar to these:
Heuck 33062 Porcelain Enamel Cast Iron 3 Piece Skillet Set, Red and oh, my, temptation--three for $45.29??  Granted, they're not the expensive stuff, but still...pretty!

If you've opt to add onions, saute them before adding the salsa until just tender...

I brought it to the simmer, and dropped in 4 eggs, then put the lid on for a bit (no, my skillet didn’t come with a lid, but when you’ve been cooking as long as I have you have a collection of orphaned bits. I have a few pieces left of a Czechoslovakian enamelware set I got when I was first married, 3 lids among them! Any flattish lid will do, as long as it holds the steam in.)

After a bit I added a sprinkle of good chili powder, sea salt, and a bit of fresh ground pepper, and put the lid back on till the eggs were almost set. (You can spoon some of the hot salsa over them if you want to make sure they’re done.)

Finally, I took the lid off and added a bit of shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese on each egg--if you prefer, and have it on hand, you can use a nice Mexican cheese mix. Put the lid back on for a moment so the cheese melts, and serve it up!

Next time I may try this salsa mix, it’s organic:
Simply Organic Organic Dip Mixes Salsa Mix Certified Organic--or make my own, if our tomatoes do as well as they did last year!


sounds yummy :)

I have a special love of lime... yum :)

Re: sounds yummy :)

It was REALLY good. For some reason I love the combination of citrus and egg, pretty much any way I can get it. Orange custard, lemon curd, eggs benedict, you name it...
sounds wonderful!
It was! Thanks to Mandy...I don't believe I'd have thought of it!