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September 2013



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Free Art Tip #100 is up! Focus on Food...

Well, still learning my way around with my newsletter delivery service, but I THINK I just sent the announcement below without any glitches!  Since we're focusing on food this time, we're celebrating, with our 100th art tip--let's HAVE A PARTY! 

(I know, Fat Tuesday would have been a better time to do that...doing the best I can, here!)

If you're already on my mailing list, you may get the full html, bells-and-whistles version of this...and if you're not, and would like to be, you can sign up at my website, http://cathyjohnson.info!


WELCOME to my free art tips newsletter! Here, you'll find:

* Tips on techniques, materials, tools, surfaces, how-to, ideas
on free art supplies and more!
* Information on the latest classes, books, and CDs
* And this newsletter, full of links, artists, websites, books
and CDs/DVDs we like
* Plus the latest news from here!

ART TIP #100--Focus on Food!

Should we have a party?? I can't believe we've done 100 of these tips and newsletters--I'm for celebrating! Bring on the goodies!

Since the earliest days of painting, artists have done still life paintings of fruit, bread, luscious piles of vegetables, game, even
whole meals. Don't we all love to see these tempting images? Hey, we even like to paint our dinner, even if it gets a bit cold!

In my original blog, the Quicksilver Workaholic, I often feature "Starving Artists in the Kitchen"-Joseph and I share our recipes,
nutrition, buying and cooking tips as well as food art. Check it out! There will be more...(the sketch above is his famous Reuben,
which is on the blog.)

Enjoy the tip, and please share what YOU do!


And in other news...


I'm not sure when I'll have time to teach a class again, but the original lessons are on this CD, along with 6+ articles for bonus
reading. I've kept a journal for many years (dinosaurs roamed the earth!), and I've shared why I believe it's important, why-to as
well as how-to. Our class was marvelous and inspiring, and I learned from my students as well--their suggestions are reflected
here as well.

The link to my catalog is HERE
and the CafePress store is http://www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson/!



Just found a step-by-step demo from my new book, Watercolor Tricks & Techniques, on The Artists Network site, and though you might
enjoy the freebie! It's HERE...


REDESIGNING MY WEBSITE CATALOG (and website too, soon!)

After many years of having a kind of clunky order form, my darling husband has just gone to PayPal and made all new buttons for my
catalog--so if you've ever tried to order and gotten wildly confused, it will be MUCH easier now. Thank you so much for all
who have plowed through the process...and thank you, Joseph and Sonya, my wonderful webmistress at Morgansites.com!

The new catalog ordering format is much less confusing, and will make it easier for ALL of us! (It already has, and thank you for your orders!)


Wow, our Painting Plein Air group on Flickr is over 600 members now! If you like painting on the spot, come check us out and add
your OWN paintings or sketches. It's international, and it's a delight to see work from all over the world. Don't let winter stop
you...I paint in my Jeep!


Speaking of international groups of artists, Sketching in Nature continues to grow, giving us insight into nature and the nature of
artists!--from many countries.

Our sister group on Flickr offers even more art, from 295 artists worldwide; Be sure to visit Sketching in Nature there as well...


Urban Sketchers is now non-profit, looking to sponsor events and artists wherever they may be. Most recently, the group has been
involved in relief for victims of the earthquake in Haiti; check the blog for particulars. http://www.urbansketchers.com


If winter or work is getting to you, take an imaginary trip with Laure Ferlita--and pack your travel journal! Many of my students
have taken Laure's classes and had a BALL. It's so much fun seeing the work they've done in their virtual travels--almost like tagging

Bon Voyage!


We've been doing these art tips for years now, and sending newsletters to you-some subscribers have been with us for almost 8 years! We like to include website links, artists you may enjoy, new products, news, and information about upcoming classes, books, CDs and more-so stick around!

Art tips are always at http://cathyjohnson.info

* They're in PDF format, so feel free to download them, print them out, share them with a friend-that's what they're there for.

And do let us know what you'd like to hear about in the tips or the newsletter. Feel free to share new products or art you like, too-I
get lots of ideas from you and I enjoy responding to my readers

Thanks for visiting!