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September 2013



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New journaling CD is up!

Hooray, just got word that my newest CD, "Keeping an Artist's Journal" is up on my CafePress site! 

It was a lot of work, and a lot of angst--Lesson 5 got lost somewhere between my ancient computer and the new one
[info]kateslover got me before Christmas, and we just found it last week. I edited it, put the bonus reading together in one document, and got it off to be mastered.

I've kept a journal for 35+ years, and it's been one of the most profoundly important things I've ever done for myself, helping me to celebrate milestones--and everyday joys!--deal with anxieties, plan paintings, face my fears, record details of nature, write first drafts of my books, keep a travel journal, collect recipes, and love my friends, family, and animals.  I feel lost without my journal!

Over the years, I've written about journaling in Country Living Magazine, Personal Journaling, The Artist's Magazine, and Watercolor Artist as well as in my books--especially
Creating Nature in Watercolor and the Sierra Club Guide to Sketching in Nature...and am just waiting for a new contract from North Light to do a NEW book, just on the subject.

Some of the "bonus reading" articles on the CD are edited forms of those earlier published articles...as you can tell, I AM committed to this concept, and shared a great deal about that on the CD.

I recently finished teaching on online class, also called Keeping an Artist's Journal, that this CD is based on--my students were amazing. They did terrific, thought-provoking and inspiring work, and what we ALL learned was so gratifying.  Wow, what a rush...

There are 5 fully illustrated lessons in PDF format, along with lots of extra material!  I'll get it in my website catalog as soon as I have my own copies in hand, but for now, it's OUT there.  Finally!


I used to read your articles in both Personal Journaling and Country Living. I enjoyed them a lot. That was before I was actually sketching myself, although I always have kept a journal. I used one of your stories, the one about your first husband dying, as an illustration on how to journal even in the midst of pain, while teaching a nature journaling class at the nature center where I sometimes teach. That was a couple years ago.
Thank you...it's interesting, but that article got the most response of anything I ever did for the magazine. Literally hundreds, and I continue to get comments.

Ironically, that was my next-to-last column for them, as they went to mostly using in-house editorial work or single assignment articles. Go figure...

I'm glad you enjoyed them, and that they were useful to you!