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September 2013



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The wonders of "shiiiiiiiiiiineeeeee...."

I think having a touch of Short Attention Span Theatre syndrome keeps life interesting!  So does taking time to sketch it, whatever "it" is at the moment...

In a more serious vein, I might think of it as A.D.D., or even--putting a positive spin on it--celebrating the moment, which I am ALL for.

In this case, my "shiny" was in fact a shiner.  My youngest cat had gotten on top of the nearly 7-foot bookcase, where we'd stacked flat mailers.  Flat, SLICK mailers.  She lost her footing, and they all slid down madly trying to break her fall.

On my nose. 

It worked!

She wasn't hurt, just scared, and I'm all better now...and on to sketching whatever catches my eye now......




Ohhhh, so sorry to hear about your black eye. Poor kitty! And Poor Cathy, too. Glad you're ok. Nice sketch of the damage, tho. --Sherie
Thanks, Sherie, it was minor, really!
be careful how you use that phrase "catches my eye..."

thanks, dear kate, for the wonderful goodies that arrived the c.d.--you are such a doll! (i have a proper thank you written, but it has just been sitting here for a week. eventually i'll get the official one mailed, but until i can be truly "correct", many thanks!) i went to an educational seminar on saturday--i figured that sitting and listening to lectures for 10 hours couldn't be too taxing. boy, was i wrong. i keep forgetting that it's not quite three weeks, and i have to pace myself.

so, real responsibility languishes, and so do i! but i have wonderful pretties to look at while i'm feeling silly for overdoing, thanks to a caring friend who lines in missouri...
OUCH, you're right!

And you're welcome, sweet thing! *Ahem,* what exactly did your doctor tell you about taking it easy for HOW long after surgery!?? You know it's a major assault on the body...takes a GOOD long time to really bounce back. Yes, PLEASE pace yourself!!