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Really pleased with my newest North Light book...

It got into the stores, onto Amazon, and into buyers' hands about a month earlier than expected, and the reviews have been really good! 

Above is one of my favorite step-by-step demos from the book, from a visit to kateslover in the Blue Ridge Mountains, back before we were married..  Gorgeous area...we drove through clouds and watched that subtle, beautiful sunset over the mountains...

I found a link on the Artists' Network today--it's one of Jen's Picks, and they even included a step by step demo of my landscape on Yupo.  You can find it here: and order it from the North Light Shop (linked on that page), and of course Amazon has it as well--you can click here for details, including the Search Inside option...Watercolor Tricks & Techniques: 75 New and Classic Painting Secrets (Just remember to hit "surprise me," you can see a lot more of a book that way...)

I did animals and people, too, of course, and also some whimsical pieces like childhood toys and a goofy doll I designed years ago!

There are step-by-steps on both of these, little friend Fiona and my beloved Merlin...
Tags: new book, watercolor tricks & techniques

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