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September 2013



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The K.I.S.S. principle and the Wave...

Whew.  I've spent days back and forth with a Google employee and generally all-around terrific person trying to figure out all the ins and outs of this admittedly powerful new program. 

Simple, or intuitively obvious, it is not.

Above is a screen shot of my page...finding the various Waves you belong to is an art in itself!  Not all my contacts on Google show up here...though I'm told everyone in Googlegroups is also a Wave member.  Doing a search doesn't show up later unless you've remembered to save the search...which I thought I had...


Apparently I missed an entire group conference last month, because I don't check Wave every day, and discussions get lost down in the que...you can see that there's BEEN a new response, but you can't necessarily find it if it's a long conversation.  Or easily, or intuitively, anyway.

You''re supposed to be able to drag and drop images or videos into a Wave...didn't work for me, there must be a trick to it.  Cut and paste didn't work, and I didn't find an option that would allow you to import a graphic.

Anything with that steep a learning curve takes a lot of time.  I would have thought it was my age, or being an old dog/new tricks situation, but even some of my young friends are confused too!

I feel like a guinea pig.  I know it's beta, so I guess we ARE. :-)

My sweet helper says all this floundering about will help them to solve some of the awkwardness and confusion, but I guess I'm out of time for it for now...may have to Wave bye-bye for the present...


Certainly most people I hear from, Clarissa! It just takes too much time, and too many things that they SAY will work, just don't, for me. I'm wondering if part of it is my new OS; Google Gear is supposed to let you drag and drop imagines into wave, but it says it's for XP and Vista. I'm Windows 7...