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September 2013



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Big Day...my NEW book proposal just got accepted, too...


...so I'll be working on a book on keeping an aritsts' journal!  This is the banner I designed for the class site...

This will be a real challenge.  I am VERY excited...I get to do lots more journaling!  I'll be including other peoples' art as well, to have a wide range...

Back to work!
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And congratulations on this one too! I'm really looking forward to it, I know a lot of folks who'd be delighted to get his for their birthday or Christmas! :D
Thanks, Shuju! This is a subject VERY close to my heart, since I've been keeping journals for decades!
What fun! Congratulations - another creative project (as if you didn't have enough already!) Now don't forget the cook book project, I'm waiting for it!
Joseph and I were just talking about getting back to Starving Artists! And thanks...
Thank you! I'm going to enjoy it...
sounds like another one for the bookjunkie! congratulations. i'm happy to see something specifically on painting in a journal. i love the other journal ideas out there, but it's not easy to carry along things like glue, ink, paper, etc. i'd much rather be able to learn to journal with pencil/pen/tiny box of paints. lord knows, i need all the hints i can get!
LOL! Exactly! I do keep it simple, mostly, though the book will address collage. More along the lines of how I do it, though--just adding in a piece of ephemera to enhance a page, or cover something I didn't like! Thank you, sweet...
Thank you!
Congratulations. I think this will become a very popular book since I expect it'll be a lot like the workshop was. Hope you've got a lot of the work alreay done too!
Thanks, Timaree! Yes, I will be using a lot of the concepts from the class, and you all taught ME a lot about what people want, too!