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September 2013



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Books on Miniatures

If you've got an interest in miniatures, you'll love Daphne Foskett's work...I got this book ages ago, and it's a treasure! (Yes, an expensive treasure, now...) I looked through it and my other 10 or so reference books while working on the article. Amazing stuff...your library may have it!

Miniatures: Dictionary and Guide (Dictionary & Guide)

My favorite is still this one, though--Love and Loss: American Portrait and Mourning Miniatures.  Lots of wonderful photos and anecdotes about the artists and sitters...and it's actually small enough to hold in your hands!  The Dictionary almost needs an old fashioned dictionary stand...

You can click on the names if you'd like to read more about them, including an excellent review from Booklist...

Yesterday I got to interview Elle Shushan, who is an academic dealer of high-quality miniatures--fascinating stuff!  She had an article in The Magazine Antiques that focused more on the individual artists than mine will...but I was delighted for the chance to read it.  You can see her website here: portraitminiatures.com/ and drool over some of those beautiful, tiny portraits (as Elle said, "the most personal portrait.") 

Just click on the image to enter the site...

Elle introduced me to Joan Brownstein's collection, as well--Brownstein focuses on naive or folk art, an entirely different direction, but an important part of our history.  If you like the quirky history of these pieces, check out www.americanfolkpaintings.com/!


Hi Kate,
I have a friend who wears a Victorian mourning Ring. It has a gold border, then the ring is a black band with gold engraving. This looks like an interesting book.
Sounds beautiful...and yes, it IS interesting!