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September 2013



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Greenman--who is definitely NOT waterproof

Greenman, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

I just got my new J. Herbin inks yesterday. They're advertised as waterproof fountain pen inks, in the catalog. Hm.

I decided to try them out with a bamboo pen, rather than trusting them to my new fountain pens just yet!  Here, I allowed the lettering of Terracotta Greenman to dry overnight...it was black. I ran a quick light wash of clear water over it the next day. The red brown is still lifting, after 24 hours...

This is on Winsor & Newton hot press WC paper, by the way.

They ARE very beautiful, and I love knowing they've been made since 1670, but...

I've tried Noodlers' but so far not with much luck--black, Polar black, and Beaver. I've written the company, but not heard back yet. They work beautifully for other people, NO idea what the problem is here. I've tried them on a variety of papers, some with more success than others, but so far they ALL lift when I put a wash over them.

Of course India Ink works just fine, as does Pelikan Sepia...and the acrylic inks. Just not in a fountain pen...

...anyone know of a waterproof ink that WILL work in a fountain pen??


I've been meaning to buy the Platinum Carbon ink recommended in the Trumpetvine Travels blog...have you tested it yet?

No, I haven't. I tried to order some, but the site was down...have to try again!
I know nothing about inks, but I approve of the subject matter. =)
I can imagine! Love your icon...

I'm fascinated by greenmen too--that's one of my own terra cotta ones in the sketch.
I've been using fountain pens since I was about 14. In my experience, any waterproof ink will ruin a fountain pen in no time. Waterproof inks contain some form of varnish or lacquer. It dries and clogs the pen. Sorry. I use manga pens.
I haven't tried those, may have to do it!

According to their materials, some of the inks don't use varnish/lacquer, but a chemical process that actually bonds with the cellulose in the paper. Except it didn't, for me...

And I think you're right, it would be necessary to clean your pen thoroughly and often...
If you find out, I'd love to know too. Likewise if I stumble across anything that will work, I'll let you know. It seems that it should be such a simple thing to find, but darned if I've had any luck with it yet!
Thank you, sweetie...no luck here either. I've tried some of the fountain Indias, too. Nope...
I've had trouble with the Noodler's ink too - and my email to the company hasn't been answered either. So I'll be very interested to hear others' experiences as well.
Me too. If I don't hear soon, I'll write again. I got an automatically generated response that the were out for the holidays, but that was over a week ago...
Sailor Nano Kiraguro's pretty much waterproof. :)
Thanks, Shuju, I'll look for it!
Thanks, Annie...yes, I know that's true. I've tried the Noodler's on several different ones. I keep looking!
I've had the same problem with Noodlers - which so far as I'm aware is the only waterproof ink for FPs you can get in the UK. After some experimentation I've found it's waterproof on cheap papers and watercolor Moleskine paper, but not on good quality watercolour paper. On the box it says guaranteed waterproof only on cellulose paper - so I'm guessing that cheap paper has a higher cellulose content than quality watercolour paper, because it's usually made from wood pulp. Whaterver it is it annoys me greatly!
I think that must be it, or perhaps the sizing has something to do with it. Watercolor paper made with cotton IS cellulose. And yep, I am seriously annoyed.

I've just been playing with all my alleged waterproof inks on two kinds of paper...so far Pen & Ink brand and Yasutomo Sumi ink are working best. I'd try cheap paper, but I don't WORK on cheap paper...siiigh.

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Noodler´s Lexington Gray

I find Noodler´s Lexington Gray is much better "waterproof-wise" than the blacks. It doesn´t stay on top of the sizing, and I always paint watercolours right on top of it immediately after drawing. Different kinds of papers seem to work fine. And I like that it´s not jet black, but that is of course a matter of taste and habit...
/Nina Johansson

Re: Noodler´s Lexington Gray

Hi Nina, and thank you! I have been tempted to try the Lexington Gray, I knew you used it with great success, as does Vicky Williamson. I haven't been able to find it online, and my experiences with the other inks on my papers have been so dismal, I've been not looking all that hard!

I don't mind it not being jet black, it's kind of pleasant...I like working with sepia or sanguine, as well, but NONE of the fountain pen inks seem to be waterproof in those colors.