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September 2013



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Winter visitors

01-07-feeder birds, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

I got to sketch our feeder birds today, too; J. got some pretty good pictures. When sketching, you just have to work fast when they return to roughly the same position, or graft one bird's head onto another's body!

We've had chickadees, juncos, goldfinches, purple finches, starlings, cardinals, red-bellied woodpeckers, and today the big yellow-shafted flicker we both managed to capture in one way or another...that's the flicker on the right.

It's been bitter cold, snowy, and today very windy, so the birds are VERY glad to have the bounty here, with our three feeders. And I'm glad to have a warm place to watch them from, when I'm not in front of the computer...



Goldfinches are just so beautiful. I love how the speed of your sketching gives such a strong feel of energy and movement to the sketch - it really captures the tension of imminent flight.
Thank you, Sarah, aren't they lovely? We've had a finch feeder for some time, but they've only just found us!
it's still so cold here that i haven't even seen a bird for days. i've glimpsed a rare fly-by, and i heard a woodpecker of some ilk in a neighbor's tree- but no real sightings. poor things. maybe their little hollow bones act like long johns...
They're sure all fluffed up, for the most part! It's going to get to -12 here tonight, they say, so I hope they have someplace protected to spend the night...



I love this! Great idea to make the suet holder that way! My heart goes out to these sweet birds when it gets so cold. We noticed a ton of birds came to our place yesterday evening, as the temps were expected to drop even more. They seem to know--I guess they were stocking up. Is this right one a flickr? Looks like it to me. Beautiful.


Re: charming

Thank you, Sue! I'm glad we're able to help...

And yes, that's a flicker, guess I'd better edit my post!