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September 2013



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Oh good grief...is painting on the spot so hard to understand??

Sheesh. I set up the painting plein air Flickr pool at http://www.flickr.com/groups/plein_aire/ a year or so ago, with nice, clear rules about what does and does not fit there. I require people to read and agree to the rules before joining the group.

Our focus is PAINTING AND SKETCHING ON THE SPOT, yes? Not studio work, not portraits (unless outdoors on the spot), abstracts, illustration, allegory, fantasy, etc. There are lots of lovely places to share that kind of work, but "Painting Plein Air" isn't one of them.

Granted, the term "plein air" isn't universally understood--quite!--that's why I explained in careful detail in those rules I mentioned above.

I’ve asked, begged, suggested, and aimed people at the rules, over and over, for the past two years. I’ve contacted artists privately and asked them to remove material that didn’t fit, and explained why. I’ve removed them myself, over and over. I made Joseph a moderator so he could help. I have reminded, and reminded, and REMINDED. Today’s full frontal nude photograph was the capper. (Mind, I’m no prude and I’ve seen and painted nude males, but…?!?! It was a PHOTOGRAPH, dude.)

(And you needn't look so pleased with yourself about it!)

It’s more work for us, but it’s now moderated. Things will sit in a que there until we get around to passing on them.

RATS, I hate doing that, but I’m done explaining and asking nicely. Tired of being a Hall Monitor! Soooooooooo frustrating...


Or don't care. That's the impression I got from Mr. Nude 2009. It wasn't exactly an art shot.
Or proud of what he's got. Looked pretty extra normal to me. ;-P

I've had to remove a lot of other stuff over the years, and really can't figure out why it was there!
I don't understand why people do things like this? Most artists know what plein_aire means but this guys photograph makes me wonder if he was deliberately trying to stir the pot. Maybe he posted this same photo, or similar, on other groups too? I recently had to stop anonymous comments on my blog due to all the spam/porn links coming through. People like this find their way in everywhere and it's most frustrating.

That said, I'm so glad to have found your blog again, Kate. I have your new book on order as it won't be available in Australia until February but I can hardly wait. I've just recently been doing some visual journaling and loving it!

Hi Serena! Glad you found me, too! (It won't be available ANYwhere till February...I hope you enjoy it!)
If I had checked your flickr pool and come across the nude, I'd probably would have decided to not visit the site again, simply because I'm not interested in nude stuff, my focus being nature-oriented art.

I understand your frustration and irritation. It's too bad that you are doing a favor by offering a place for people to share their work, but those people will not follow the rules.
Yes, I wasn't shocked, but I WAS ticked...it's a site where anyone should be comfortable visiting. I know that some would not have been.

Well, they'll follow them now, or not get their work accepted. Harsh, but there it is.
Ok, I have a very odd mind, plein air means open air. So, it's in the open air, right? *snicker*

Being serious now. I really don't understand why people do that. I guess they're just so anxious for some sort of recognition.
I suppose...weird, though. "Here's our focus, please don't post things that don't fit." How hard is that??
Evidently it's really hard for some people. And, despite my attempt at levity, I do sympathize. I modded a com, never again.
I know you do!
Wouldn't be a BIT surprised! I don't like being Hall Monitor, but I like to make a safe environment, so there you go...


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I'm on many flickr sites and have found a few weridos like that get in. I don't know how they do it. It's terrible as I am trying to encourage young people to paint outdoors and there really is no site that I can point them too for examples or inspiration..and that is sad. Don't these people have anything better to do than to do THAT???????? They should put some clothes on and go out sketching with the rest of us...NOW THAT IS REAL FUN!!!!

It really saddens me that there are people out there like that..and I can understand your frustration. We are all behind you Kate!

Crivitz, WI

Re: Related content

Well, Nancy, our site should be safe now! I won't let anything through that isn't...
I'm nodding in agreement. It's frustrating, and it's why I've had to give up several collaborative projects, forums, lists, and so on.

I can create art and share it (and how-to tips) with others... or I can be a stressed hall monitor.

I choose the art.

(I'm sure Mr. Nude posted inappropriately on purpose. I recall someone trying something similar at AJ2, a few years ago. I was tempted to ask him if he wanted applause... or sympathy! *chortle*)

But yes, I am feeling a bit worn out with all this...J., bless him, takes care of most of this kind of stuff for me, but I happened to be on watch when that one came through...I'm thinking the guy may have thought it was perfectly fitting/funny, but it just didn't fit our criteria unless you REALLY stretched it to the limit.

And that can be painful.*wg*
Would you like a co-moderator? I rarely paint and never en plein air but am almost always within reach of my computer (or another one) and so could help with the moderation load if you like. I think I have even already joined the group!
Oh, thank you, Natalie, that's lovely of you! Joseph is helping me with that, and so far it's no big deal..