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September 2013



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Watercolor Tricks & Techniques is now "search inside" capable!

Oh, neat! One of my artist friends told me that my upcoming book now has the "search inside" option on Amazon! (Thanks, Donn!) That is SO much fun, and for visual beings like us, really why we buy an art book. This is my revision of one of the first books I did for North Light, over 20 years ago...a whole lot of new materials and surfaces and techniques since then! It was a lot of work, and a lot of fun exploring. (Who doesn't love an excuse to play with new art supplies?!)

Click on the link to go directly to the book on Amazon: Watercolor Tricks & Techniques: 75 New and Classic Painting Secrets

If you hit the "surprise me" option, you can see more...

I've been teaching a new class on keeping an artist's journal and haven't had a lot of time to browse Amazon or post here...a GREAT bunch of people, but I've been writing the lessons and extra articles JUST ahead of the wire each week. Whew...I could use a breather, but you know what? As a freelancer, too LONG a breather makes me anxious.


Yep. February. I'm anxious too!



I have to wait till feb also not much of a peek. Can't wait to recive this one.
Kate is there anyway you could put a you tube on how you paint your folige on your trees. Teaching myself and cant quit master this. I love the way you do your folidge and hoping you could show how you use your bruxh ect. This will be mt merry xmas wish;
Thank you Linda

Re: book

Hi Linda! Maybe sometime...I've really swamped right now! Still not entirely happy with my videocam...
Looks gorgeous!

(I'm ready for a breather, too! Of course, if I say that around HT, he'll pretend to call me on the phone and breathe at me... *LOL*)
Thanks, Ais!

And what a hoot, we have to watch what we say to these guys, don't we!
I much prefer books to have the search inside funtionality - so much more helpful for book buyers!
Thanks, Katherine, me too! Particularly after I learned to use the "surprise me" option...I get much more of the inside material, and when it's an art book that's what you want to see, really, not so much the index or intro...


This is so exciting!!! The cover looks beautiful, Miss Kate---I think it gives a great idea of the treasures within ;D. I can't wait to get my copy!!!
I'm looking forward to it myself, gracias sweetie!