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September 2013



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I must be tired! Working hard to get the class ready...

I've gotten four PDFs done in the last 24+ hours for the "Keeping an Artist's Journal" class, managed to delete my Journaling Class folder TWICE and had to go searching for it (going through the recent images in Photoshop to remember file names!). 

Then I forgot if you change the name of a graphic or move it, then Windows Movie Maker can't find it any more. 

Thought I'd gotten around that by simply COPYING things into individual folders that made them easier to find for the PDFs but apparently I forgot three of them and now I can't find them on my hard drive.  I even did a search for P5150096, which is what one of them used to be named...it was, but it's not any more, apparently!  So, maybe tomorrow I can finish the video and then it won't be an issue any more.

I did a mini-video of folding a single-page folded journal, it uploaded fine to YouTube (FOUR TIMES, for some reason!), then I converted it to AVI since Movie Maker won't take FlipVideo's MP4  (earlier versions, yes, MP4, no...).  So.  It opened fine in QuickTime, and MediaPlayer.  The other two minis open fine once I imported them to the video. 

That one?  Broke into 6 teeny-weeny videos with the sound out of sync.  Who knows why??  NEVER MIND!  

LOTS of response from the class, though!  It's really filling up and I haven't even announced it in my art tips letter yet.  Sonya got it online on my website, complete with PayPal button, so we're ready to rock and roll!

It's here: http://www.cathyjohnson.info/artistsjournal.html

Meanwhile, lots of turmoil out in California and multiple phone calls and emails...my poor husband.

So, I'm thinking it may be time to give it a rest for the night!   A nice hot cocoa sounds incredibly good...

OK, Scotch sounds a tad better, but there isn't any!  Warm milk's safer, anyway...



Thank you so much!

All of that sounds like such a headache! Thank you so much for working so hard on your class for us. I'm sure everything will be absolutely wonderful. So, Please take care of yourself, too. :o) Wendi

(PS: you cold always add a little kaluah, or peppermint or cinnamon schnapps to that hot chocolate! "oP

Re: Thank you so much!

I'm not intuitively tech-oriented, I'm afraid! I do try to make things as useful as possible...guess I'm just going to have to drop the one that wouldn't import smoothly.

Ooooh, doesn't Kahlua sound good! Didn't have any of the above, though, either!

technology soup!

Wowee. It sounds like you've been really cooking with the tech side of things (until the pot boiled over)! I sympathize. I started teaching watercolor again and when I went to prep for the first class my lesson plan for that class was gone from my computer (lost in the transition to the new one I suppose). I was able to recreate (and improve it) from a hard copy though. I think it's great you've added video to your online classes. There are just some things that you really need to see in action to get them, I think.

Re: technology soup!

THanks, Jana, and OH I sympathize with the lost document! Glad you could recreate it...and yep, I always improve on things (I hope!) when I have to rework them.

So far most of my videos are of the slideshow type...still not quite happy with the actual mini-videos. NO idea why that one won't import into the MovieMaker without breaking, so I'm just going to forge on ahead without it!



Hey, Ms. Kate, just had a minute to stop by (haven't had much time for blog hopping lately) and saw your question about Vimeo. I use it for my classes. If you're still looking for info drop me an email at laureferlitaATgmail.com!


Re: Vimeo

Thanks, much, Laure, I will! I haven't had time to try it out yet...