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September 2013



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Almost done with the simple bookbinding video...

This style is a folder, which I've made in a variety of sizes (even square, which is fun to work in!)  I'm including accordion folds as well, with lots of step-by-step photos and a mention of ringbinding, at home and by someplace by Kinkos.

Now to figure out HOW to share the video/slideshow with class members--it looks like it's going to be almost 15 minutes long. Anybody dealt with Vimeo? It'll be a CD on my Cafepress store, too, but I need to have time to do that...


Re: CD later

Shouldn't be too much longer...<:-)


I've used Vimeo, and really like it. I think it would handle a 15 minute video easily. It does take a while to upload -- but when you consider the price (free!)...not an issue.
Thank you! You mean the program itself is slow to upload, or the 15 minute video? Either way, yep, it does take a while, I expect. I'll also be offering a CD people can buy and use on their computer, that'll be a lot faster.
I love that book design! Very fun!
Thank you, I like it too! I've just been doing PDFs on these simple journal-making methods, and thinking of you, actually! I remember you recommended I put them up on Instructibles and someplace else, and I can't remember where!
I need to keep a notebook or something, because I can't remember, either...! *blush and chuckle*

Too many ideas, not enough mental RAM, I guess!


But seriously, you're doing wonderful things by sharing this kind of art with others.
I probably kept your email, if I find it I'll remind you! *G* I know about not enough mental RAM, all right--I've researched online mailing services and promptly forgot which one I thought sounded best. Still looking for some way to do my classes from my own website...but I've forgotten what I found last time. SUCH a duh!

And thank you, dear lady! I'm excited about this one...
Emailing services: I've been using AWeber.com for a couple of years and they have fairly good delivery rates.

However, my son is working for ConstantContact.com and raves about them. They work with many large nonprofit groups, too, so they'd already earned my respect. I'll probably switch to them at the start of the year.