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September 2013



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Taking back our weekends...

or at least Saturdays...and it was WONDERFUL.  No phones no pressure, no Drama.  I feel refreshed and energized!  Even the arthritis feels better, now isn't THAT odd! 

My dear friend Brenda reminds me that stress can impact auto-immune disorders, including arthritis, though--so maybe it's not as odd as I thought. 

Anyway, a much more peaceful and delightful day, and I was able to concentrate.  I accomplished a mountain of work without that going-off-in-all-directions feeling...and feel better both physically and emotionally.  That ROCKS.

(I had a whole post written about our wonderful Ozarks trip yesterday, but goofed and navigated away from this page...POOF, it was gone.  "Restore from draft" just gave me a blank page...siiiigh...maybe I'll try again, later.  I loved sharing a place I love so much with kateslover.  You can read HIS post and see some of the gorgeous photos here.)


this entry made me smile :-)
Thank you, sweet thing, it was REALLY a good move. I feel much better today, still...


Taking back the weekends!

Hi Kate,

I just got back from a trip to Door County with my hubby...we stayed at a handicapped cabin there! I can really relate to the arthritis thing and I wanted to share with you something that I have tried.

I have been doing "gentle" yoga for about 5 months now. I don't get on the floor, but do certain positions from a chair or standing. It has helped my knees TREMENDOUSLY... as well as my overall bendiness. If you could find a yoga instructor that would work with you on doing positions to strengthen your knee muscles/leg/hips...it will help the pain. I only take ibuprofen once a day now..mostly at night. I have been on things as strong as predisone before losing weight and doing yoga.

Re: Taking back the weekends!

I'm about ready for a handicap cabin I think! The lovely one we had the first night we were in the Ozarks had lots of steps up to it, but I was determined!

And yup, I do some yoga, now, and simple exercises to build strength, almost every day. I probably couldn't move at ALL if I didn't! ;-)


last message

Sorry I didn't sign my message--I'm Nancy from Crivitz....one of your students and faithful followers!

Re: last message

Hi Nancy! And thanks--yoga IS marvelous...