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September 2013



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So, working on the journal keeping class...

You can click on the image if you want to be able to actually read it. <:-P

I think this is what I've settled on for the class banner on my website...I need to get it and the information to my webmistress, then put together the first class.  Response has been AMAZING on my Facebook...looks like a lot of people are interested in this subject.  I sure am!

As soon as I have more information, I'll let you know...


That sounds like so much fun. I wish I lived close enough to take the class.
Oh--it will be an online class, like all of mine these days! I've had students in India, Australia, Germany, England, Italy, Brazil, you name it!
Yay! I'll take a look. I like on line classes as I can do the work in my own time.

I'm teaching a book binding class that is going to take 3 hours to complete and my students are going to be drooping like unwatered flowers by the end.
I'd love to be able to take your class! I'm going to include VERY simple bookbinding, but not even attempting to teach case-binding, I'm too much of an amateur myself!
Japanese stab binding is very nice and about as simple as you can get, outside of accordion fold.

Case binding is easy, as long as you don't want to round the back.
Only easy if you have a good teacher, I'm afraid! My casebound books are strictly self-taught, from books and so forth, and since I like the handmade look I guess they're ok, but it's difficult for me to get the 140 lb. watercolor paper signatures to fit smoothly. I love doing them, though, and find they work best for me when scanning pages to share..
140 lb is a bit too heavy for a case bound book. You should only have two sheets per gather.

I like Coptic sewing for heavy papers but it's an open spine which some people don't like. However, the pages will lay nice and flat.
I'd have to see what my schedule would be like, but I'd love to take a class like this!
Bork, I hope you can join us! We start November 16...



I can't wait to take this class, it looks great!! I will be waiting patiently over here in my little corner... "o) Wendi

Re: Cool!!

Wendi, my webmistress will get the info up in a day or two! It'll be lovely to have you in class...