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September 2013



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Busy weekend for art...I managed plenty of sketching and nature-observation

I drew and painted yesterday's tiny injured sparrow, HERE; you can go to Sketching in Nature at http://naturesketchers.blogspot.com/ to see the art larger, or click on the image below--not sure why LJ pictures are so small...

My dear, softhearted kateslover has tried hard to rescue this little creature, but I think the effort is in vain.  She is much weaker this afternoon, lying on her side with her eyes shut...we had planned to take her to my veterinarian, Pete Rucker, who is a certified wildlife rehabilitator, but I don't think there was anything he could tell us to do.  She ws simply too badly injured.

So as a usually do, I spent time with this little flicker of life, offering my respect and what safety and comfort I could along with the fresh water and birdseed she was able to take at first.  She gave ME the gift of her presence, and the chance to learn and study her closely...more photos on my Flickr album.

You can see more of my weekend's work there, as well--the field of coreopsis like a bright yellow blanket over the earth, and Frank's Italian Restaurant in Parkville--more on that lovely place on Urban Sketchers, HERE.
A lovely, if somewhat bittersweet, weekend...


poor little bit... i can't tell you how many times we've nursed, protected, and released/buried the object of my youngest's efforts. we even had that injured crow in residence for nearly three years. if the animals/birds ever do rise up out of the ground in which we've buried them out back, i hope they remember us fondly, or we could be in trouble, just from the sheer volume of them.

one of shigella's best pieces was a color pencil drawing of a partially skeletalized bird that was found in the yard by one of the kids. she laid it on a colorful fall maple leaf, and drew it, beautifully. she titled it "gone south".

the poor little things deserve, at the very least, peace and shelter, even if they can't be salvaged. your softie certainly has the right idea and attitude. i believe they know when they are being helped, as well. they seem to settle down, and become peaceful. yeah. they know...

the sketches of your "little girl" are wonderful. what a privilege to be so close...
I believe you're right that they know, sweet thing...she was quite calm, taking drops of water from the end of my paintbrush (clean water of course!), and allowing us to hold her and examine her legs, etc., without panicking. I think something was broken or dislocated, but we couldn't tell--she just kept falling over when she'd try to fly or move much.

I'd love to see Shigella's drawing!