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September 2013



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My friend the cockatiel!

My Friend the Cockatiel

I love this bird! He's probably the reason I'll never completely give up alcohol--he lives at the Y-Liquor and we've become great friends.

Last night while J. got Mojitos I sketched the bird, who was fascinated with the process! Kept trying to look over the top of my book to see what I was doing. Finally he had to come and sit on my finger, which the owner says virtually NEVER happens.

Great sales pitch.;-)

As I said in my note, he makes kissy sounds, wolf whistles, says "here kitty kitty kitty!" and "pretty bird," and mimics other bird calls, along with some songs the owner whistles when she's working.

(Maybe I should try to teach him to say "Hi, Kate!" I could get a Cockatiel Training CD (there's even a Cockatiels for Dummies!)--but no, I think I'd have to spend a lot more time at the shop!)

It's true he doesn't care for men, though--if J's around too close, he pecks at his finger and won't talk to me...otherwise we have great conversations!

This is Prismacolor pencils on toned paper--some of my favorite sketching tools! I added the color when I got home--had the black and white ones with me.

And I never knew there were so many books on drawing birds!  There's even one on Drawing Birds with Colored Pencils.

And of course, I can't overlook one of my favorite bird artists (and longtime inspirations!) John Busby's Drawing Birds--the man has really put in his time in the field, and it shows! A whole PAGE of choices, actually...love that "look inside" option!


LOL! Thank you!
Yes, the are! I've never owned a caged one, myself, but I do love to visit this guy...


He's very sweet! I love this drawing, and the toned paper is lovely.

I have that John Busby book too and think it's fantastic, it's one that I've flicked through countless times.

Aveen :)
Thanks, Aveen! Isn't Busby amazing? I first came across his work in the late 80s, I think, and I've loved it ever since.
our cockateil is caged for the most part, but that's just to keep him from being a cat toy. there is something very affirming about that wolfwhistle when i come home tired and cranky. he will tell us that he's such a pretty bird, and he'll say "hello"--when he feels ignored, we'll hear a little plaintive "hellllooooo--i'm such a pretty bird...." and he will wait for a response. best of all is when he muters and mumbles to himself. we got him "used" from a friend who was korean, so we asked if he was speaking their language--and she laughed, because they couldn't understand him, either! (they got him "used", too. her daughter worked at a local shelter, and brought him home. i think he's about 18-20 years old, now. i hear they can live to close to 35, so he'll be telling us off for a long time). he's a lutino--all white and yellow, with those lovely cheek patches. and he's a character, so he fits in with the rest of us...
Ooooh, lovely! I saw photos of the white and yellow ones, they're gorgeous. And yep, it would take a character at either of our houses! (Love the "helllooooooooooo"...)


I'm a bird lover from way back and have had birds off and on over the years. You have to have lived with one to realize how opinionated and individual they are--hehe! They don't like or trust just anybody (and often have male-female preferences for some reason). You have to earn their trust, respect, and love. In that way they remind me more of cats. Hummm? Maybe that's why I like them--ROFL! Lovely drawing! :)
Always, Rita
Thank you, Rita, you may be right! I certainly like THIS one, but not the big loud cockatoo across the street. It SHREIKS.

What a cutey!

Reading this made me realize how silly it is that I've never sketched my good friend's Amazon parrot. He's such a beauty and a lot of fun to talk to. When you pay attention to him he coos and chortles and his pupils get really small. I expect him to blush next. He's only loud and obnoxious when you DON'T pay attention to him.

Re: What a cutey!

Thanks, Jana! I hope you do, and I want to see him!