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September 2013



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A bunch of orders...

Well, this is interesting! I've had a bunch of orders for Creating Textures in Watercolor lately, and not sure WHY?  (Not that I'm complaining mind you!)  I wonder if it got reviewed somewhere recently...

This has been one of my most popular North Light books (you can click on the title above to do the "Search Inside" thing if you'd like to get an idea what's in it.), and it was a LOT of fun to do.  When I used to do in-person workshops more frequently, I did a few pages similar to the ones in this book, montages with hand lettering, etc.  My students thought they were so much fun, and so useful, that they kept suggesting my next book be done like that!

When I broached the idea to my publisher, they jumped on it, and we were off to the races!  That was in 1992, when the first edition of the book came out--and it's still in print, in the 2003 paperback edition.  Below is a sample of one of my favorite pages--trees are FUN!  (Of course the book contains all kinds of step by step demos, for everything from rocks to landscapes to flowers to people, and a  miscellaneous section, too...

One of my favorite images is this one of my godchild Molly Hammer, when she was just a teenager:

If this picture looks familiar to you, it may be because I've used it on a goofy greeting card in my CafePress store--it was just too much fun not to share!

I offer Creating Textures in Watercolor on my website too, actually, and sign copies that come direct from me...you can find it HERE

I teach an online class based on the book, too--we use it as a text, which is why I have so many copies on hand!  It may have to be my next class...



Creating textures in watercolor, etc.


I've been a fan of yours since I checked out a copy of "The Local Wilderness" years ago from the public library.

I just purchased a copy of "Creating Textures In Watercolor" from Amazon. I've been taking classes at CityArts here in Wichita, Kansas, and am looking forward to a plein air painting class this fall. Trying to get ready!

Our instructor instroduced us to the works of Karl Bodmer. Do you know this painter? Worth looking up and adding to your list of naturalist painters.

Thanks for the great blog entries and website.
Best wishes, Mary Schmidt

Re: Creating textures in watercolor, etc.

Hi Mary! I just found your comment, thank you for the kind words...and oh, yes, I do love Karl Bodmer! I just forgot him, thank you for the reminder. I've got both the huge books that feature his work.

I hope you enjoy the textures book! I teach an online class based on that one...